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Dating woman in Altus, Oklahoma, United States


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  • Shoshana


    Woman. 23 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 20-30

    Hi, I'm Kristen. I'm a registered nurse, and I love my job. My favorite kind of music is country. I like to stay active and go on bike rides. That's really it about me, if you wanna know more just ask! I think anything involving adult beverages.

  • Syble


    Woman. 22 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: man. In age: 19-29

    I\'m a teacher who believes that every child should have the right to learn! Looking fo someone who respects other people and can concentrate on their needs.

  • Knox


    Woman. 27 years old. Zodiac sign: Taurus.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 18-33

    Hi! My name is Knox. I am never married other white woman without kids from Altus, Oklahoma, United States. Now I'm looking for new relationships. I want to meet a woman, love of my life.

  • Bethann


    Woman. 23 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 20-30

    All right, I'm trying meetville again after a very long relationship with a young man I met here. Don't disappoint me, masses!1) I'm a middle child, and this is important because I am sensitive and hate conflict. I am constantly making peace with others at home and at work or wherever. If you like drama, I don't want it.2) LIKES: baking muffins and other treats, my dog, shopping, playing tennis, walking, occasionally painting and sketching when I feel up to it. I also love tattoos and am probably getting on in a week. I am very particular in aesthetics and I love lace, black & white, that sort of thing. I have interesting taste in men, so I'm told. I like my men super thin, attentive, and romantic to the point of cheesy.3) Music: I love Depeche Mode, Emilie Autumn, The Presets, Blaqk Audio, She Wants Revenge, R. I've listened to so much rock I'm kinda sick of it at the moment. Strange, eh?4) Career: I have 12 hours left in my degree which is something similar to Graphic Design. I plan on using it, if I can. There are so many options with my degree that it's hard to say where I will end up. Right now I'm going to school and serving/hosting at a busy restaurant. I like my job and I like staying busy while at work! 5) OTHER: Honesty is key. Use the policy of truth, unless it's something silly like "do I look good today?" Also, don't send me a "hey" or a ":)" unless you have a killer profile, which usually isn't the case so say something.****UPDATE****Met someone on here, I'm taken! Thanks meetville! :) Something laid back. Dog park, coffee, whatever. I like walking and holding hands for the first date, but maybe that's just me. :)

  • Lawrence


    Woman. 24 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: man. In age: 21-31

    I have my son full time who is my world, I work full time and go to the gym 5 days a week.. I'm busy but can make time for the right person.. I would like to date and hang out and if it turns into a relationship great if not oh well. I'm not in any hurry but also don't want to waste me time with **** buddies..Am I the only 1 that wishes there was a "hell yes" and a " f*** no" button on the meet me thing?reasons I may NOT to respond· calling me Ma, Shorty, Boo· saying sup, yo, wud up, wuz good· sadly I do like guys taller then me and there are lots of great looking shorts guy don't get me wrong. So please be tall :)· let's just say it I have to be attracted to u.. And its sucked looking at pics on here cuz not everyone takes good pics I suck too.. · making *** before I even get the change to respond example : "you don't like Mexican huh?"No just dumb people :) I'm sure my list will start getting longer the longer I'm on here lol Casual and simple, a walk somewhere... Public... With lots of people as witness lol

  • Terah


    Woman. 22 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: man. In age: 19-29

    Super into *** also am a big animal lover. I wish to eventually become an officer of the law in a few years. I think that something that makes me unique is my love of *** "nerdy" things :). I love all different kinds of music but I'm definitely a country girl at heart.

  • Piper


    Woman. 24 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 21-31

    I am 24 and have a 2 year old son. He has always and will always come first. I'm very down to earth and enjoy the simple things in life such as looking at the stars or cuddling on the couch to a movie. Money doesn't buy happieness. Friends and family are what matter, not money. I take care of people with disabilities and I absolutely love it. I feel it`s much easier to get to know someone by talking rather than reading a profile. So if you would like to get to know me, just send me a message. I love meeting new people! Side note: if you message something along the lines of "waz up" "how r u 2day" or "damn u fine" I will NOT respond. I'm sorry if that seems rude but I'm looking for an adult, not a teenager. "Text talk" or "gangster talk" is not appealing to me. I would like something simple where we can get to know one another. Maybe dinner and a walk by the lake, or getting a cup of coffee. Not a movie! How are tpu supposed to get to know one another if you can't talk?

  • Harper


    Woman. 22 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 19-29

    First off, I want to say here and now, incase you did not read the header, I am BBW. No, that does not mean Big Black Woman. Yes, someone thought that once. It means I am a Big Beautiful Woman. If you do not like it, then whoopdy freakin' doo.Ok! Well if you made it this far, here's the cool shit. :)I want to travel the world someday, and have a local beer from every place I go to. I am a hard core zombie fan. I swear like a sailor. I am fluent in both English and Sarcasm. I love quick wit and a smart ass attitude. I have a thing for guys that can ***, have beards, tattoos, gauges, and wear glasses. Not like hipsters or "swag fags"(?) Or guys that wear ***, (shudder, ew), but they honestly need the glasses, its the nerd in me. If you're a reader, that's a plus. "A man that reads lives a thousand lives..." I love cartoons, which may be silly but whatever, my favorite is Adventure Time lol. I love all music. . .except folk. I think its silly. And I have one really big rule: I do not date ten years older than me. Anything else you want to know ask me! Movie, then dinner so there's not any chance for us to miss said movie. Then probably go to the river bank. It honestly depends on how well everything goes.

  • Talia


    Woman. 22 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: man. In age: 19-29

    Hello! Thank you for stopping by my page. I'm absolutely awful with these things, so stay with me for a while I ramble till I figure out what I want to say! :)Well I'm 22 years young. High ***, hot headed -yes gentlemen I will admit my fault ;) Unless you like the outdoors and getting dirty please exit the page now. I'm not into prissy city things. Yes I like country music, but honestly as long as it has a good beat to it I'll listen to it. I have personally two horses, they are my life and if that's a relationship blocker for some of y'all please don't waste either of our times. Thank you!Also I'm not looking for a **** buddy or hook-up so keep scrolling if you are.Still here??? Then message me and find out more ;)

  • Kristin


    Woman. 22 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 19-29

    I am a country girl all the way I love anything that has to do with the outdoors I am looking for someone that can treat me with respect.

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How Do I Find Single Women in Altus, Oklahoma, United States?

You might lack experience in the dating scene and don’t know where to find women seeking men in Altus, Oklahoma, United States. It’s always an option to gather your crew and head to bars and nightclubs. You can encounter ladies at business, charity, and other social events.

All these don’t guarantee you’ll meet a girl you like, and she likes you back. What if there’s a way to identify compatible matches near you?

Meetivlle is an online dating service that uses complex algorithms to discover females that fit your preferences. Those could include age, interests, location, etc.

What Is the Most Successful Dating Site?

There’s no need to look any further because Meetville is the most successful matchmaking platform in the area. You’ll find thousands of users from different cities in location. They all share a common thing – looking for a partner!

Here’s a quick overview of the crucial Meetville features:

  • You can use it on PCs and smartphones.
  • It’s user-friendly and doesn’t come with a learning curve.
  • You can use a searching feature to look for local females.
  • The network offers a huge number of authentic accounts with genuine photos.
  • You can start chatting with women looking for men in Altus, Oklahoma, United States in seconds.

If you are ready to meet amazing ladies, make sure to register on Meetville today!

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