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Singles in Humboldt, NE

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Dating in Humboldt, Nebraska, United States

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  • Amir


    Man. 40 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 37-47

    Hi, I'm a guy who enjoys life, I have a great job, professional career, solid financial background, fantastic loving family and a close circle of friends. I'm looking for a relationship to grow into something special over the medium to long term if we connect and wish it to evolve. I am looking for potential and a person who knows herself, is aware of what she wants, is available to share what she is looking for with me and wants to communicate openly and honestly. I look forward to hearing from you. Please send me a note if this resonates with your interests as well. Cheers. connect over ***, discuss on the phone, meet briefly for a coffee

  • Thurman


    Man. 36 years old. Zodiac sign: Pisces.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 33-43

    I know EXACTLY what I want in a woman and I will list the criteria now....these are all without exception. And please, read quickly.SHE MUST:*be totally and completely into head games.*be willing to support an unemployed man by any means necessary.*be open to booty calls and one night stands.*be obediant and subserviant.*like iliterit men hoo kant thpell.*like a man who lies, cheats and is very abusive.*have only nude or extremely provocative pictures in her profile.*be repulsed by romance.SHE MUST NOT:*like any sports....especially hockey and football.*have any type of education whatsoever.*like to go out or do anything fun or spontaneous.*like music or movies.*have any type of sense of humour.*have any hair on her head....period. (Other body parts notwithstanding)*be opposed to excessive use of drugs and alcohol at any time of the day.*have any friends at contact with family a plus.If this sounds like you, send me a message asking for permission to chat with me. Due to the messages pouring in at an alarming rate, expect a response within ***weeks. If you do not receive a response, myself and my staff have probably decided you are unworthy and do not fit the criteria. We thank you in advance.*************************************************************************************Ok, now for the real profile....About me:*I'm 100% Italian....except that I'm Canadian-raised.*I am NOT a typical guy. Well, for the most part anyway.*I will actually READ your profile.*I am sweet, outgoing, laid-back and considerate.*I'll call when I'm late. (See, I told you I'm not a typical guy)*I'm a patient listener.*I'm more of a giver than a taker.*I can spell, use proper punctuation and actually hold an intelligent conversation.*I love to sing, though not always well.*I'm a passionate kisser.*I won't forget your birthday.*I'm just a big cuddly teddy bear with a bit of a wild side.*I won't cheat on you.*I love to go out and have a good time.*I love to stay in and have a good time.*I usually don't say "I" this much.*I'm quick-witted and creative.*I love music. It can change my mood *** would love to cook for you.*I love to travel and try to go abroad at least once a year.* (typical guy alert!)*I'll make you laugh....sometimes until it hurts.*I prefer to take things slow.*I like to do things just because....About you:*You should have enough similar interests to help us bond, but enough differences to allow us our individuality.*You can have a conversation with me for more than five minutes before I want you to just shut up.*You capture me so much that I really want you to just shut up.....and kiss me.*You should love sports, but it's negotiable!*You are outgoing, laid-back and secure.*You have the cutest smile.*You enjoy your own space as much as I do mine. The time we spend together will always be special while the time apart will keep us wanting more.*You have eyes that melt me.*You have beautiful long hair for me to play with.*I can smile at you while you're sleeping, shake my head and whisper, "What in the world are you doing with me?"*You intoxicate me with your smell.*You love to be caressed and shown affection.*You can trust me.*You can put up with the things I haven't mentioned here.Is that sales pitch long enough???Now, if you've managed to read that WHOLE thing....hunny, you might as well send me a message. No use wasting all that time, right? ***P.S.*** It seems a lot of girls are a little freaked out by guys who add them to their favourites list without attempting to contact them. Well, I have to say that I am guilty of that myself, but there is a reason for it. Maybe some guys do just want to look at a girl's picture for hours on end for his own satisfaction, but I doubt that's why the majority do it. Of course, I can only speak for myself here.Some girls have very interesting and amusing profiles which I like to go back and read every now and then. Then there are certain girls who catch my attention and intrigue me, but for some reason I feel I'm not yet ready to contact them, but I don't want to lose track of them should I decide to finally make the effort. The only way to do that is to add them as a favourite. That's not so creepy now is it? What would we do on a first date? Well, that depends on the person and what they like of course. But if I had to go into it blindly, I'd say we start off with dinner. I love a girl who likes food and isn't paranoid about eating more than a crouton at one sitting. Dinner is always good to learn things about people; what they like to eat, what their mannerisms are, whether they like to talk or not and whether they'd offer to pick up the cheque! But seriously, dinner is usually a good place to start to get to know somebody. Maybe even a picnic in the park. Then we can move on to a little fun....go bowling or mini-golfing or to a sports bar or a jazz lounge or something like that....a place to have a few drinks, loosen up, maybe dance a little, maybe play some pool or foosball, have a few laughs and see what kind of chemistry develops. After that, if things go well, we can take a walk or get an ice cream or coffee before ending the night with a warm tight hug or a soft innocent kiss. I'll end the suspense right now ladies, I am not opposed to a kiss on the first date, so you can all exhale now. And the rest is history....If all else fails, what's the worst that could happen? Maybe you escape with a new friend....maybe even a new sucker to take money from in poker. Life's an experience....soak it up.P.S. Call within the next 30 minutes and we'll throw in a second date....absolutely free!!!

  • Vincent


    Man. 38 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 35-45

    Hi how are you:Personally, I think I look better in person. I am someone that is romantic, a sweetheart, good-looking, funny, mature, generous, affectionate, responsible and most of the people around me tell me that I am adorable. The reason I am trying the dating website, it is because a lot of my friends found their soul mate here and at the same time I was thinking that there were a lot of nice women’s here so I decided to create a profile by thinking that maybe my true soul mate would be here also. For those interested in your wanting to know me, I hope I get the chance to hear from you.Bonjour comment vas-tu :Personnellement, je pense que je suis mieux en personne. Je suis une personne romantique, tendre, de belles apparences, drôle, mature, généreux, affectueux, responsable et la plupart des gens me précisent que je suis une personne adorable. La plupart des filles que je rencontre sur mon chemin me disent que je suis beau car elles trouvent que j’ai de beaux yeux mais je pense que chacun a ses préférences sur un genre de type d’homme qu’on recherche et j’espère que je serais le tien aussi. La raison pour laquelle je me suis inscrit dans un site de rencontre, c’est parce que j’ai eu beaucoup d’amis qui ont rencontré leur âme sœur dans ces genres de site. Alors, je me suis demander que peut-être qu’en utilisant cette méthode, je pourrais aussi trouver mon âme sœur puisque j’ai remarqué qu’il y avait beaucoup de femmes sympathiques qui eux aussi recherchent leur âme sœur dans ce site de rencontre. Pour celles qui sont tes intéressé à vouloir me connaitre, j’espère que j’aurai la chance d’avoir de vos nouvelles. The first date, I will leave it to her because everyone has a different opinion about going on a first date. On my first date, I personally prefer to be in a place where my date and I would have chance to talk and see if we are compatible. The second date will be at her discretion.



How Popular Is Online Dating in Humboldt?

The majority of Humboldt singles have already tried online dating. Many believe that it was the right thing to do because it spiced up their dating life. Joining a site like Meetville will help to find new friends and discover potential partners. Not only you might find a soulmate, but you are guaranteed to have plenty of fun doing it. The exciting user experience is what makes Meetville special and worth trying for singles from the area.

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