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Dating Woman in Lonsdale, Minnesota, United States


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  • Rosamond


    Woman. 41 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 38-48

    I am looking for someone with bi-polar since I'm always looking for adventure. I'd prefer they don't have any hobbies, friends, heaven-forbid a career because I want us to be together all the time. Ok relax.....I'm only kidding! Look, it's all about laughter and connection.I think every opportunity to live life to its fullest should be taken, but never taken for granted. NEVER SAY I SHOULD HAVE! I enjoy good conversation, a wicked sense of humor, and someone who challenges me to get outside of my comfort zone from time to time. In my spare time I like to work out, spend time with family and friends. I love the water, anything to do with outdoors. I can have fun doing just about anything. I try to make the best out of every situation. I love to laugh, even at myself. I take pride in the way I look. I can dress up in a dress and heels but at the same time, love being casual in jeans and a t-shirt.

  • Felina


    Woman. 43 years old. Zodiac sign: Aries.

    Looking for: man. In age: 40-50

    Hi,If you do not have at least one picture of yourself smiling or you are looking for someone to meet for sex then please no messages...I have to see you smile. :DI've been on here before and I'm back again, perseverance baby! ME:I am comfortable talking to anyone about anything...I love good conversation.You will see the bad side of me when people are rude or insensitive towards others, especially elderly people and children and...I have never and will never tolerate someone being cruel to animals...I have zero tolerance for that along with liars...There are so many on here it's unreal, but like myself, I know there are some honest people on here also. I am VERY affectionate...I love being playful and someone else who is also...no stiffs! ;)If you do not love or at least like animals, it wont work :( You probably figured that out from comment above.I love to laugh and I smile at everyone I see... even if they don't smile first. I smile often and love laughter.I cook often, it is one of my favorite pass times.I can and will turn the biggest frown upside down :)My ideal vacation would be where there are beautiful beaches, crystal clear blue waters and****ails with little umbrellas in them. Diving.When I have a bad day and need a good laugh, I'll just tickle my daughter and listen to her giggle and jump around like a crazy girl...it's so cute. She's the best little girl and I'm a very proud Mommy!Compassionate, thoughtful, considerate, honest people bring out the best in me...and those are qualities I also have, my parent's brought my sister and I up right and yes they are still married :)I love music, listening to it, dancing to it, singing to it but won't be getting up on a stage anytime soon or I'll clear the room out.I have a great sense of humor, love a little sarcasm and I don't get offended easily...unless you're just being rude.My biggest guilty pleasure is CHOCOLATE...I love chocolate...mmm mmm! And really, I never feel guilty when I eat it.When and if I do watch t.v. I'm watching just about any show on the food network channel-- or animal planet with my daughter, and I love a good romantic comedy.I LOVE---love and being in love, showing love and receiving love...awesome feeling. The person I end up being with will always feel loved, important and special. I will not settle with just anyone, you have to be affectionate and share these same feelings and qualities.My family is the best and there is nothing better than being with family...except being at a sporting event, it's up there with family :)Kissing and cuddling are A MUST so if you are not a good kisser or don't like kissing or cuddling, we won't be a match... Football season is definitely my favorite time of year, you HAVE TOO like football and filling your belly with good food all day long..at home, out at a pub, at the game live, wherever, it doesn't matter just like it or my dad will not approve of you :)xoxo

  • Keiko


    Woman. 43 years old. Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 40-50

    No longer new at this and more skeptical than when I started, but I'll keep trying. In the past, I tried meeting nice, decent guys at bars or clubs, but that never happens. I'm hoping to find a guy who I can compliment and he can do the same for me. I'd love to find someone who shares the same interests, likes and dislikes. Someone who is secure, emotionally stable, loyal, honest, and knows what he wants, but is open-minded. I'd want him to be funny, caring, a good listener, friendly, someone who would treat me with respect and who could make me feel like I was the most important thing. Now, about me. I'm a good listener and friend. I love gardening, decorating, basically anything to do around the home, vacationing (more than the same beach every year, I'd love to see the world), having a good time with friends, yoga, movies, and dining out. There are so many other things, but never get a chance to do. If you're done playing games and you want to find someone to possibly click with who’s nice, attractive, and down to earth .. you’ve found her. Please don't *** have a photo (I won't respond if you don't)and you can put a sentence together with punctuation.And lastly ....only if you're serious ...And p.s. .. If you're separated, you're still married. Coffee House or something simple.

  • Joslyn


    Woman. 44 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: man. In age: 41-51

    Hi, I'm a friendly, fun, down to earth woman who loves nature and almost any outdoor activity as well as city life. I enjoy gardening, cooking, concerts, dancing, skiing, canoeing, biking, fishing, hiking, and camping. I read alot and watch PBS more than any other channel. I have great friends and family that I do lot of activities with. I'm creative, handy and am trying to make a living as a designer - landscape and cabinetry but I work other jobs when I have too. :/ Lately I've had a burning notion to move to a farm so if your a farmer - yahoo! In the past I've run marathons and done triathlons but would like to switch up to adventures like kayaking around the shores of Lake Superior when the kids are grown and on their own. However, I've also been a single mom for the past 14 years. Four teenagers. Yup four. I need a night out once in a while!!! Ultimately I'm looking for someone who has similar passions and also wants that special woman to share a life with, a partner, a lover and best friend. Someone solid, true, family oriented, adventurous and can keep up with me. The best is yet to come come baby!I heard this saying once that pretty much sums it up for me: "Don't waste your time on a man who isn't willing to waste his time with you.";Sometimes I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure, I make mistakes and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best." Thanks for reading and good luck finding that special woman!!PS I'm actually a 42 year old Libra, if that matters to you - my friend set this profile up for me with the wrong birth date and I can't change it now. Quick lunch or drink after work. If we like each other, the second date is the fun one. :)

  • Annette


    Woman. 42 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: man. In age: 39-49

    In a nutshell.... I'm divorced, have a 15yr old son (joint custody), and I work ***hrs a day Mon-Fri. Obviously I don't have much time to go out & meet new people (hence my presence on this site!) :) I'm looking for someone as a friend to hang out with at first, then see where it goes from there. This person MUST have a sense of humor (preferably slightly twisted)& be somewhat sarcastic. Also, HAS to like cats! I would prefer someone UNATTACHED, no drama, no head games, no druggies or alcoholics, and no police record!!! ;) I would also prefer that you have all of your teeth. Oh, and if you're looking for a one night stand, KEEP LOOKING! NOT gonna happen here! ;) So on that note, to all you serial killers, rapists, etc., beware...I have a CCW and am ALWAYS armed!!! (not kidding on that one)I'm definitely a rock music person, so if you're into only country AND western (OR rap!), we're probably not going to hit it off! :-P I do love live jazz, and some of the newer whatever-you-call-it music that the teens are into (though NOT much!) If you want to know more, feel free to ask....Oh, and I'm a GEMINI, NOT A TAURUS!!! (although I CAN be "bull-headed!") lol!**UPDATE - APPARENTLY I NEED TO SPECIFY THAT I AM NOT BISEXUAL NOR DO I PLAN ON BEING SO IN THE FUTURE! ALSO, I AM NOT ON HERE TO FIND RELATIONSHIPS BASED SOLELY ON SEX! AND IF WE EXCHANGE CELL #'S, THAT DOES NOT MEAN I WANT YOU TO SEND ME "INAPPROPRIATE" PICS OF YOU!**One more thing... I have to INSIST that you be at least 6' tall! Thanks & good luck! :) Well this is a tough one. But to put it simply, I think a first date should consist of 2 people getting to know each other...see if there are any common interests, if there's any "chemistry" there...if so, move forward & see what happens. If not, you can never have too many friends to hang out with ;)As far as where to go/what to do... depends on what each of us enjoy!

  • Mila


    Woman. 44 years old. Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 41-51

    I am a fun outgoing person that enjoys a good variety in life. I play sports and love to go to games professional or otherwise! I am an outside person that loves anything you can do in the sun especially going to the Lake. I am willing to try new things I believe in experiencing as much as you can even if it's not something you would have thought of yourself. I enjoy a great social life with great friends and family. I like going out occasionally. I enjoy a good night out with friends but I am looking to find better things to do with my time than the bar scene. I don't have any kids but I do have 3 wonderful nieces that I spoil and love spending time with. I love to travel and am a very spur of the moment type person. I am a very caring person. Maybe a little overprotective of my family and friends but I don't think that's too bad of a trait! As far as music I like a wide variety of music but must admit I prefer hip hop specifically old school rap :) Movies, I can watch anything but would choose Action over most I do love my occasional sappy feel good movie ....like Second Hand Lions! Oh and I absolutely love taking my dog to the dog park!

  • Shaunda


    Woman. 41 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: man. In age: 38-48

    I love life and all the adventures. I have a strong passion for my career and a genuine desire to impact the future. My sense of humor is wicked and I love a little banter and lots of laughter. As for my faith...Life has thrown me a few curve balls and I can say I'm a survivor only by the grace of God. My day to day life is an interesting and engaging tale. I tend to look at life differently, I don't sweat the small stuff, and I tend to live in the moment. I realize the past is the past, today is all we have, but there is still a need to prepare for the future. I am naturally a giver, would probably give the shirt of my back if public lewdness wasn't illegal. ;)My friends would describe me as an intelligent, straight up, honest, and loyal person; who has a fun loving positive attitude, and a witty sense of humor. I enjoy photography, a good movie, the outdoors (especially on the water), painting (canvas and redecorating), family time, and hanging with friends.Although my relationships says currently separated....I am in the middle to end of the divorce process which comes at the end of a long separation.I generally don't date outside my race, just a preference. Plus if you are just looking for a hook up please keep looking........I'm not that girl...... .........tbd.

  • Kai


    Woman. 42 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 39-49

    Hi there. Well I'm living in own place in Cork. I like to travel...;..but would love to go back! Locally West Cork &....10 minutes lying out and I get bored and go for a swim or a walk. I work in payroll...not very exciting, but it's a job and it pays the bills! I'm interested in most sports...GAA would be first.....so more of a couch supporter!!!!! Those inclines play havoc on my lungs!!! I went back the start of this year after a few years of knee problems and 2 ops! I have a goal to climb Carrantuohill at some stage before my knees permanently give up!)...but the mountain isn't going anywhere! But I did conquer Mount Teide recently which is 3 times higher than Carrantuohill so the latter will be a doddle when I finally get there (I hope!) Other interests would be photography, most music - I play the piano and guitar when I get the chance. Doing all the usual stuff - dinners out/in, movies out/in, few sociable drinks and clubbing once in a while. Down to earth & easy going (although might be a bit stubborn!!!), likes a good laugh and good conversation.I'd like to meet someone who's all the nice things....but also with a bit of a wicked sense of humour (like me!). I am a bit shy in the 'get to know you' phase but once that's over with, you can't shut me up :o) So, you'd have to be chatty to keep up with me....and being into sports would help so I wouldn't drive you mad!If you don't have a picture then I most likely won't reply. It's only fair we can see who we're talking to. But back to reality....somewhere for a drink and a chat....doesn't matter as long as the conversation clicks.

  • Zulema


    Woman. 41 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: man. In age: 38-48

    I think i have been on this site long enuf to say, really?! Are there serioulsy no down to earth, honest, REAL men out there? I wuld like to meet someone genuine and true who is not playing me or hiding behind a mask of lies. Heres a glimpse of who i am. I am just a gal who believes in livng one day at a time. Life is about choices and we live and learn through making mistakes. I enjoy bowling, watching sporting activities and hanging out with friends and family. I have a daughter who lives with me and enjoy spending time with her. I think karaoeke is entertaining and sometimes am brave enough to tackle a song or two. i love an adventure. I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS AND THE SOUND OF REVVING MOTORCROSS ENGINES!Lifes what u make it, so have some fun!!Please note: if u r married or just looking for intimate encounters, plz move on!!! thank you.

  • Sherisse


    Woman. 44 years old. Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

    Looking for: man. In age: 41-51

    I am a very outgoing person with a big heart. I enjoy being with people who like to have fun and laugh.I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls who mean the world to me. Looking for someone who likes to enjoy a good movie A walk outside.A nice dinner, or just enjoying each other's company



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