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Dating man in Colfax, Louisiana, United States


  • Guarddog


    Man. 27 years old. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 18-32

    I am just a ordinary country boy who loves the outdoors an loves to walk an exercise and I am not racist I would date any color out of my race I love all kinds of music an *** I would like to get to know my date I'm a loving caring kind of guy I'm not the kind of guy who mistreats a woman I will treat a woman with respect honesty and dignity

  • Davin


    Man. 46 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 43-53

    I'm a professional, well-educated male. My interests include golfing, physical fitness and traveling. My ideal partner would also be well-educated, attractive, physically fit, honest and trustworthy. She would also be a non-smoker.

  • Alex


    Man. 48 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 45-55

    I have two motorcycles, I like to ride as much as weather will permit. I am a member in two masonic lodges that go to. I enjoy sitting on a sofa and taking in a movie. I love to cook. I enjoy yard work. I do not play or like head games. I am retired and live on a fixed income, so I am somewhat a tight with my money. I have 3 dogs two of them are outside dogs and one is old and stays inside he is my baby. For the most part I am shy until I get to know someone, but I have never meet a stranger. Love music mostly rock. I am for a better term a disabled Veteran. No limbs missing. No disfigurement . I get around well on my own and need no help. Walks in the woods and a john boat float on a lake comforts me. I have been Divorced twice both were over 10 years. Well enough of me. Neutral ground maybe dinner or a lunch.

  • Skidbladnir


    Man. 48 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 45-55

    I am fun and adventurous. Have had a successful business for the past 26 years and also own commercial rental property. Financially stable. Love to travel, go to concerts, and see new places. I Like dining out and shopping. Road trips are great! Looking for someone who knows what she wants, intelligent, happy, and comfortable in her own skin. Whatever we both agree to or a surprise can be fun. I'm up for anything.

  • Finbar


    Man. 49 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 46-56

    Hi, thanks for reading my profile. My friends call me a good man, although that's a little rhetorical since we probably would not be friends if they felt otherwise. I am honest to a fault. Because I am a cancer, I am somewhat emotional, but that means I am also passionate and romantic. ***changed most people. I decided that a wanted to be an animal lover. I have cats which I have rescued, and I've been involved with feral cat TNR (trap, neuter, release) and wildlife rehabilitation although I mostly do pickup and transports for the people with the real gift to heal injured wildlife.I enjoy the warm and hot seasons of the year the best - Growing up there has also given me a good appreciation for wine tasting, hiking along creeks, water skiing, snow skiing, kayaking, recreational sailing.My parents imparted values of honesty, commitment, hard work in order to achieve that which you are proud of, integrity, conservation and appreciation of animals and nature. Most of all, they gave me a great sense of humor. I appreciate a lot of stand up comedy and comedy movies. I use comedy to help me battle the stress of everyday life. I hope my profile doesn't sound like one of those clicheic types of "I love the outdoors and hiking." I think most people do. I happen to have been very adventureous when a was young adult. Pilot, boater, motorcyclist, scuba diver. I'm more of a family man now and am looking for a woman whom I can love and who can give me love in return. That would be a great place to meet - great views, public setting, and if you don't feel anything then you could just walk on. Someone else suggested giving blood together. I think that's a good idea too, but I cannot take credit for it myself. I would also suggest that people message me for a little while at first, since that is how you get a good feel for the real me.

  • Meshech


    Man. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Libra.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 44-54

    Just ask me! Just ask me..

  • Callan


    Man. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 44-54

    I love the wine business. Im knowledgable and I could talk about wine for hours. I also love all kinds of music from Led Zeppelin to The Black Keys, , it's in my blood. I play drums in 2 rock bands. What makes me unique is that people don't expect a tattooed rocker to be so wine knowledgeable, polite and down to earth.Ideally, I'm looking for a woman that I could learn from and who is contemporary. Someone that I could growth with intellectually, culturally, socially and artistically. PLEASE PLEASE have a sense of humor, be open minded and flexible; a go with the flow girl-someone who is not over cautious and rarely worries. "Wine, women and song" as the saying goes. I'm a self-proclaimed restaurant snob, so we would dine in a hip and trendy restaurant, drink incredible wine then go catch some live music.

  • Carmen


    Man. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 44-54

    Main thing I'm looking for right now is to find something I can be real passionate about and someone to share that passion with. I am a very creative person and I love expressing myself through my writing, photography and movies. Will add more later. So as not to be a liar, here is me adding I'm a very honest and loyal person and, at times, I think that trait has held me back but I refuse to change because I think it is the right path for me and I'm determined to find someone that is willing to walk it with me. If your looking for a guy who is all set in his life, then I'm not your man. Call it a mid-life crisis, if you will, but I didn't like the direction that my life was going and now am determined to change it. I'm looking for someone that also is looking to better themselves so we can be there to support each other and create a truly blended life that is unique to us. They say that behind every great man is a great woman. Well, I'm determined to be that great man. Now all I need is that great woman. Oh, and for all those women that say they don't want "drama," well I think drama is what makes life interesting. I don't *** past and, yes, I DO have baggage( I have a 2 year old that his mom stole away to OK and I'm determined to be a part of his life) but this is what makes me who I am, take it or leave it. I don't break promises and if I make a commitment, I'll do EVERYTHING in my power to keep it. So, have I scared you away yet? If you really want to score some points with me don't just look at my profile, message me! And not just some one or two word thing either. Even if I'm not your type, yell at me about how wrong I am. We can swap horror The profile is just the beginning. Who knows what may happen once you really try to get to know someone. One more thing. I apologize if I contact you more than once. For the most part, a woman on here doesn't even register with me until we actually start a conversation so I may forget that I had already messaged you a previous time. Your pictures may first catch my attention but its your words that will make you memorable...........even if those words are "get lost!" LOLIMPORTANT NOTE: I will only make first contact if you have at least one INTERESTING picture or you have a profile that really "speaks to me." A bunch of headshots and a two line profile just won't cut it. But if YOU send me an INTERESTING message then we can talk. ;) I hate DATING period. There is just too much implied. Even though this is a "dating" site, if I meet someone on here there are no expectations other than getting to know another wonderful person. I like to meet somewhere casually and leave things open-ended so things can hopefully progress on a more "natural" level.My biggest fear on the first date: That I won't feel any chemistry. It's okay if the woman rejects ME but how do I tell someone that I don't feel the same as she does? Unfortunately this has caused me to stay in relationships much longer than I should have.

  • Kendrick


    Man. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 44-54

    I'm hoping my next "first date" will be my last "first date", and not because I've given up. I'm adventureous and ***, yet stable and calculated. I'll try anything once and if it's fun I'll act like a 6 year old and repeatedly ask "can we do that again?". My motto is "Work hard, play hard". I'm up for any *** to "someplace else". On the flip side, I love staying in on a cold night and playing games, creating fun contests, experimenting out of a cook book or just making a roaring fire in the fireplace and chill-axing. During the summer it's all about boating for me. I mean, really, is there anything better than being on the bay on a beautiful day with great friends, food, music and Coronas? I find myself single because for the past 4 years I've invested a lot of time and effort to being a first-time business owner of an amusement park. So by circumstance, my personal life had to take a temporary backseat to this endeavour. But at the end of the day I know what the most important thing in life So I'm looking for someone who can accept that I love them second to my business (joking). Chemistry, fun, honesty and intelligence are on the top of my "seeking list". And, oh please, if you are flakey about being in a relationship, please don't waste my time. If I caught your interest...say hello. Who knows....either we'll live happily ever after with a beautiful family or you can get a free go-kart race (which you're bound to lose to me) and we part as friends. That's a win-win, right? How about meeting at a martini lounge or wine bar for some drinks and laughs?

  • Jeremiah


    Man. 47 years old. Zodiac sign: Pisces.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 44-54

    This is not the way I am used to making a first impression so bear with me. My friends and family always say I am one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.I love *** travel and am always open to trying new things. It is a rare occasion that I am not up for something new. I have two children who are very important to me and I do *** much time with them as I can as they do not live with me. Would love to find that *** who understands that and wants a genuinely nice person to *** time with and see where it takes us. Drop me a line. Being a nice guy doesn't mean I'm shy :-) My ideal first date lets us get a chance to know each other. If we like each other then the best second date of our lives will be a no brainer.

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