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  • Eveequeen


    Woman. 31 years old. Zodiac sign: Aries.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 18-36

    Hi! My name is Eveequeen. I am never married christian hispanic woman without kids from Groton, Connecticut, United States. Now I'm looking for new relationships. I want to meet a woman, love of my life.

  • Rosanna


    Woman. 51 years old. Zodiac sign: Virgo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 48-58

    I love the outdoors and enjoy the change of seasons. Nothing like a long walk on the beach, good conversation and a beautiful sunset.I'm looking for someone to share and enjoy life's journey with.. amazing adventures as well as the simple yet sometimes breathtaking moments that stay with you forever...I am a sensitive, caring, and loyal person looking for the same... I describe myself as a "sporty fem" and am attracted to other feminine women.Let's get to know each other..start a conversation!

  • Jillian


    Woman. 52 years old. Zodiac sign: Pisces.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 49-59

    Me, Laid back, sometimes out of sorts = human Good hearted, loving, sometimes get pissed off = humanTrying my best daily to be healthy, sometimes fall of the wagon =humanLove friends and family, sometimes need to be alone = humanSpend time in stillness most times living in a crazy world = humanLike to laugh however not every minute of the day = humanI am a work in progress however change is hard = humanYou, Loving, attentive, flawed = humanTrying your best to be healthy but you're not perfect = humanLike to have fun however know it's okay to relax = humanLike to travel however like to be home as well = humanIs looking for a person to share their journey just like me = humanPeace!ps..No couples please, thank you! Pretty much doing anything that makes us both feel comfortable. Connection is important. Conversation is great!Coffee helps! Whatever feels right!

  • Adrian


    Woman. 52 years old. Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 49-59

    Profile updated: Oct ***I know it's long but you should read it all first. I am freshly single (and excited and lustful and passionate) after 25 years with the wrong person... and leaping - OK, maybe tiptoeing but in my mind it feels like leaping, into my un-lived life. When I came here I thought... I don't want a relationship... hmmm... yes I do. I just don't want to jump in to one without taking some slow sweet time enjoying you and getting to know you first. I'm not in a rush and would rather it not be a 'doing laundry and getting groceries' relationship but I do want someone 'steady'. I believe what is meant to happen will present itself... and I'm open to everything ... just want to follow where my soul takes me. with hopes that at some point in my journey I will meet someone to really connect with and dare I say... fall in love. How am I going to get there? .. .I want to play with you - I want to have fun... that's the first step... you can't plan for when love happens, you can only plan to be ready for it when it does I want a connection, fun, lust and passion but a person who is happy with their life and isn't looking for a new one... just some fun and *** the existing one.So me... my least favorite topic but one that I am ultimately the expert on... I enjoy *** with friends, usually in someone's back yard with the BBQ, a game of cards, a few drinks..., camping and photography and *** with my kids. I drink socially - when the mood strikes but I believe a little ***now and again can be good for the soul ;) (the question above is to vague)I'm into *** Meditation, psychics, laws of attraction, love & peace and 'be the change' kind of thing. But, it doesn't rule my life either - I don't consult the psychic's before making decisions or refuse to get out of bed if Scorpio's are in for a bad day.Love a person who is confident with a healthy glint of mischief in their eye.. and mind! - I have a bit of a sarcastic wit (not mean or cruel) and maybe a bit of an off center sense of humor. I love someone who can make me laugh! I also enjoy a good discussion that borders on debate but balk if it starts to get angry or aggressive.I would love to travel to interesting places but haven't really done much of it in the past. I also love to dance... and I'm not particularly good at it and I don't particularly care but I'd be willing to learn to be better... just not convinced it could happen LOLI am an introvert so I warm a little more slowly than most - and I'm not very bold - but once I feel comfortable, people quickly forget that I was ever shy - especially when the hippy in me comes out (very liberal and with strong opinions).I'm 5'***finding someone tall enough that I could look into your eyes standing up would be nice but......some of the greatest people I've ever known weren't tall enough for that - but I still looked up. So it's not all in the height :) and I am attracted to more women who lean towards feminine at least...I have a couple of tattoos and fake boobs (the real ones tried to kill me - I won the battle and have the scars to prove it but they hide well under lingerie ;***and if that freaks you out.. you aren't alone and I don't blame you - kind of freaks me out too! lol - I feel a need to be more *** "fake boobs" is not the same as having had a 'boob job' - not particularly pretty (I call them frankenboobs) ... just fill the bra but I have very little sensation... I know "I" wouldn't be attracted to me... I like breasts... but I'm hoping there might be someone that doesn't care :)Wondering anything else? Ask - I am honest and answer questions easily.I ask for a picture to be available because I believe chemistry and attraction is important - it's not the only thing but it's important.I've added pictures - I don't think I've ever had this many pictures of me that I didn't delete - was channeling my inner model - I didn't know I had an inner model!I'm new at this so I think my profile is going to evolve as I figure it all out - Peace.* I'm not interested in men so I probably don't want to be a part of your threesome ;)* If you are just looking for a woman to tie you over until you find a man.... hmmmm... not really where I'm at right now*.. I drive A LOT and don't want any extra BUT that said,,, if you read this and say "but we'd be perfect together!" than by all means send me a message! can't turn down "perfect" can I :) Probably coffee or dessert with the option of extending if things are really going well. I prefer quieter places where I can hear you talk and you can hear me.

  • Melinda


    Woman. 53 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 50-60

    Two dogs, old house, big overgrown yard with garden boxes that I didn't even plant this year - luckily stuff came up all on its own from last year's seeds... No, actually, I did plant two of the seed packets back in early *** Work night shift, always struggling to get enough sleep (I do need my beauty sleep lol)... and then, and only then, after it was all over, did I through glorious fate discover WHY it wasn't working ... what I thought had once been love was only a pale platonic shadow of the reality of the feelings I was experiencing now ... for women! Never had a crush ever in my life, until age 52. Then flutter, flutter, now I'm a hopeless romantic and want friends who understand this world. Friends to chat with online, meet for adventure trips to the big city or out on country drives to little interesting places. Golly gosh, we could even go to Europe or the Caribbean one day... haven't seen my relatives in Germany since '88, life got in the way. Well, life is now going to go my way, we only live once (unless reincarnation is true) and I'm gonna have a grand and authentic one. Ciao ladies!

  • Sue


    Woman. 55 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 52-62

    The things I love best....--ops and intentional housing, the Occupy/Idle No More movement, hanging out with my closest friends having, Shalom Mountain (More than anything, we all want to love and be loved), watching Little Britain episodes, The Vicar of Dibley, independent movies (loved The Sessions), going with friends to a queer event, the idea that G-d weeps when we are in pain, dancing wildly but not with great skill, making love, a good fair trade coffee...and one day...finding my Beloved who will be a woman with a big, open and wise heart who knows that joy and sorrow comes from the same cup! Go for coffee, go for dinner, go for a walk

  • Ofelia


    Woman. 52 years old. Zodiac sign: Cancer.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 49-59

    My objective in life is to wake and sleep each day with a sense of contentment. Laughter and a genuine interest in people is the "antidote" and it is my guide. I'm the girl you want to hang with when you want someone real. I will happily share laughter-truth and loyalty........drama and negativity have absolutely no place in my life. I believe human connections and chemistry truly exist and are undeniable!! As cliche as this appears, it really is this simple. The more we search for certain criteria the more we miss the obvious. Possess "expectations" accumulate "disappointments"!! Life is too short to wait for things to happen........we need to create our own adventures and experiences and come away with memories that will make us smile when we think back when!!!Give me early morning peacefulness with a cup of coffee and I'm content.........give me a time and place to be, and I will arrive with curiosity and laughter!! I'm always game for new adventures or old favorites........the key is to enjoy and appreciate " in the moment"!!!!!"Live your life...........not your age" A great connection with another individual will create the memory of a first date.......need I say more?!

  • Goldie


    Woman. 52 years old. Zodiac sign: Leo.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 49-59

    ..don't know why. You can contact me at *** I am steadily losing weight and have lost 95 lbs since Jan ***and more to come off. Down to a size 14 now. I am now naturally salt and pepper but have just dyed my hair dark brown again to celebrate my weight loss and to get ready for job interviews. I love to write and am a passionate and sensitive woman. I have a common sense and realistic approach to life.I am known for helping people wherever I am. I practice kindness and a loving attitude towards all.I love to be *** love to play and I play as much as I can. I love live theatre, the symphony, mysteries, adventure and sci-magical novels. I love dogs, movies, the beach and dining out. Unfortunatly, my dog does not get along with cats.I love real people and listening to life's daily dramas. I am busy. I work hard, and volunteer as well. I enjoy *** with my dog's friends and their owners.Favorite quote: "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade" ...Another quote..."I have just begun"Favorite cartoon character: Popeye, The Sailer Man because he got up and fought back at bullies.Favorite superhero: *** up the bullies, and gets out of sticky situations.I am working on losing the weight and getting fit. I love being active inside and outside. Presently, I have a membership at a boxing gym and have hired a personal trainer. So, enough about me...tell me about you. Go for dinner and get to know each other.

  • Kathie


    Woman. 51 years old. Zodiac sign: Gemini.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 48-58

    Life is short, time is precious, let's make the most of it. I've been single for a couple of years, have a great family, excellent friends, a good job, a few cats...a full life, with no strife! Looking for new and tantalizing conversation...! Anything or everything,

  • Caroline


    Woman. 53 years old. Zodiac sign: Capricorn.

    Looking for: woman. In age: 50-60

    I enjoy the outdoors and nature. I have lots of varied interests. I have ***legged kids, 1 dog and a cat both of whom I *** crazy.I love gardening, photography, writing and playing pool. Family and friends are very important to me.I have been told that I am kindhearted, gentle and honest to a fault...I love people and enjoy meeting many different types of people. Meet for dinner or coffee. The choices are varied. We can discuss it at the appropriate time. Lets just have a good time and get to know each other.

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