What Women Find Sexy About Men: 8 Things to Attract a Woman

What Women Find Sexy About Men: 8 Things to Attract a Woman

Have you ever wondered why most of the can find one man attractive and another one not so much? Of course, every woman has her own preferences in men but there are some specific qualities that attract the most. If you want to catch your crush’s attention, here we got 10 things that will attract a woman.

A nice smile

Some people don’t care about men’s appearance, for others, it’s hard to find common interests right after meeting them. But what women notice immediately is a nice smile. It at the same time can show his attractiveness and nice personality.


If you have a deep soft voice, it’s already a win for you. Women find such voices extremely sexy and attractive.


Who said that guys can’t be shy sometimes? In fact, many women find it adorable. A guy who blushes when he gets kissed is the ultimate sweetheart… and that’s pretty hot for a girl who might want to take charge.

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How he listens

Listening ability is a keystone for a new relationship. Women are impressed easily just by the fact that you actually listen to them and seem to understand them.


Girls like smart guys. Not the ones who show off, of course. But showing your brain in a conversation will definitely attract your date.

Facial hear

Beards are fashionable again! And many women enjoy it a lot. Maybe because it makes men look more mature.

Love for sport

Sport is a very good way to attract a woman. Athletic guys are always in trend! Maybe not the workout freaks (because not everyone appreciate that). But doing some exercises 2-3 times a week may make her want you even more. Also, it could be one of the common interests for your couple.


He’s sweet to animals. He’s great with kids. He’s thoughtful and loving with his friends and family. This is a fantastic indicator that he will be good to us as well, and why kindness is a very desirable trait.

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