Why Aren’t I Hearing back from a Great Potential Match?

Why Aren’t I Hearing back from a Great Potential Match?

It’s one of the greatest disappointments of dating in general—when you don’t hear back from somebody who seemed just perfect for you. Though this can be a frustrating aspect to online dating, you want to really dig deep to understand why it may have happened. Though you may feel that it’s all you or that you did something wrong, you may need to recognize that perhaps they weren’t so perfect after all.

Sure in some instance you may have to take a look at your own online dating presence. There are times when it may be the way that you handled things, but in most cases it is due to the person that you are dealing with. Though there are some really great people out there in an online dating environment, there are also plenty of people that aren’t what they seem. So just because they seem to be a great match for you, things may not always be what they seem.

If you find yourself wondering what went wrong or why you aren’t hearing back from a seemingly perfect match, there may be a couple of reasonable explanations such as:

1. Were you really honest about who you are and what you want? Sometimes you can pinpoint the issues to your own online profile or presence. If you are trying to be something that you’re really not or if you are trying for a relationship that isn’t really you, then it’s time to change your game. The only way to get a potential match to get back in touch with you is to be honest in the first place.

Just because somebody looks great online, doesn’t mean that you have to change what YOU want. If you aren’t being honest or if you are trying to cater things to a specific type of person, then it’s not going to work. You won’t hear back from that great potential match because you’re not being forthcoming in the first place.

2. Do they appear to have any red flags, outstanding issues, or a past that seems questionable? Though they may seem “perfect” on the exterior, take a look deeper. Is there anything on their online dating profile that stands out as strange? Can you tell if they have a strange dating past? Do they sound a little too good to be true? Do you find them in a bunch of different niches?

There are often very specific reasons as to why you aren’t hearing back from that really great match. Chances are that if they sound too perfect for you that they appear to be that way for many others. Yet another instance of trying to be something that they are not—this will always lead you to find that they weren’t really that great anyhow.

3. Was there something that stood out as an issue that may keep them from reaching out to you? Maybe you started talking and things were going great, and then all of a sudden they started acting strange. Perhaps they reached out to you and they sounded like they were too good to be true. There are so many reasons that this person could have sounded great at the beginning but then you find when you dig deeper that they really weren’t.

You will find that the right match for you WILL keep the connection going. Everything happens for a reason and even if they seemed like a perfect match, chances are that you aren’t hearing back and in the end that’s not a bad thing!

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