What to Do if You Didn’t Receive Meetville Confirmation E-mail

What to Do if You Didn’t Receive Meetville Confirmation E-mail

Still didn’t receive Meetville confirmation e-mail to finalize your registration? Our Help Center is always ready to solve any problem.

First of all we would like to admit that new Meetville members are always welcomed! 

In case you haven’t received Meetville confirmation email, please check your Spam folder. Due to a large number of notifications we send to our users, Meetville emails may be recognized as Spam by your webmail service.

If you can’t find the activation e-mail neither in Inbox, nor in Spam folders, you can use the “Resend confirmation e-mail” link. The message will be resent to you.

In case you left the registration page, try to log in to Meetville. At the right top corner of the page you will see the notification with a link: “Your email is not verified. Please confirm it”. Click on this link, and then use the “Resend confirmation e-mail” link. In case you cannot solve this problem yourself, please do not hesitate to “Contact Us” for any kind of assistance.

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