Tips for resurrecting your sex life

Tips for resurrecting your sex life

Whatever stage of the relationship you are in, sometimes it happens that you need to add a little spice to your sex life. Here is a list of great tips you should try:

1. Date your lover

Even if you already live together, don’t forget to go on dates. Arrange special dinners, go to the cinema or just talk about your desires and dreams.

2. Write a coupon

Let your partner know that you want them. One simple way to do this is to write a coupon or a sexy check – a back rub when they need it, head-to-toe kisses – use your imagination.

3. Try sexual field trips

If you are used to getting naughty only in the bedroom, try to mix it up with other places in your house. Get out of bed and get naughty in the kitchen, in the pool, or in the bathroom.

4. Stop working so much

Sometimes it’s hard to stop working. Set a schedule and free up time for your partner. Also, try to distract your thoughts and focus on more pleasant things.

5. No phones over the weekend

Keep your phones and laptops put away. You and your partner have the right to enjoy the weekend or at least a night disconnected from the rest of the world.

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6. Use technology to your advantage

Send them a text letting them know you are thinking of them, describe what you want vividly, or snap a quick shot of you to show them what will be waiting when they get home.

7. Befriend the quickie

Sync your lunchtimes and escape home or to a hotel – a lunch hour quickie is just the brief yet memorable sexual encounter you need to put you in the mood for a longer session once you get home.

8. Try something different

A sexy policewoman and a rugged prisoner, the blushing student and a mature teacher – the list of potential role plays are endless.

9. Keep the magic of your strong

It’s wonderful to hear someone you love to tell you that you are adored and vice versa. This simple statement has the potential to keep the magic alive and give your relationship that much needed boost.

10. Start by seducing yourself

Start your evening a little early – go for a long bath, pamper yourself, turn the right music on, change into a sexy outfit, etc.

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