Thrilling History of Sex Toys

Thrilling History of Sex Toys

Many couples consider these devices a part of their everyday life, others are ashamed even to talk about them. No matter what boundaries people set in their private life, sex toys have been present in society throughout history. With today’s infographic you’ll go through the whole history of creation and origin of sex toys.

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People invented different objects for sexual enhancement long ago. Rosemary Black, Daily News staff writer, says: “The world’s oldest sex toy was more than just a feel-good aid. The 30,000-year-old siltstone phallus doubled as a tool to ignite fires. The find was a rare one since examples of masculinity from that period are unusual to stumble upon, although female-inspired works of art are rather common.”

Sex toys definitely became mainstream now, people use them more than ever without being ashamed to do this. Sex therapist and clinical psychologist David Schnarch says: “Couples are less willing to tolerate lousy sex. People have much higher expectations. Introducing a vibrator into a sexual relationship is now much more common in the U.S. and much less fraught with protecting a man’s precious ego than it might have been 15 or 20 years ago.”

Although sex toys are created for pleasure, they may cause different health problems. Sex expert Emily Morse states: “Sex toys are not approved, tested, or regulated by the FDA-they’re sold as novelty items. And the vast majority of manufacturers don’t tell you what they put in their sex toys. This “mystery material” could be a health risk, but there’s no way of knowing for sure.” It is extremely important to be careful while choosing a sex toy. Sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, warns: “First consider whether the item is designed to be a sex toy, or whether it’s a “pervertible” (an item used for sexual stimulation but not designed for that purpose).” So don’t forget to play it safe with sex toys.

Vibrator is not the only leader among sex toys, another pleasure invention is sex-doll. The first sex-dolls were made out of sewn cloth and were used by sailors aboard their ships to occupy their time while isolated at sea during long trips. Nowadays sex-dolls are so lifelike that it is really hard to say if they are an actual person or not. Famous blogger Lucy Crossley says: “With their long glossy hair, heavy make-up and perfect skin, at first glance these glamourous women appear to make the perfect companions. For some of the owners, the life-sized dolls are their sole companion, others are married with children, and in a few cases the dolls have filled the space left by lost loved ones following death or divorce.”

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, thinks: “Sex toys appeared due to the people’s wish to experiment with sex and pleasure. Society have different opinions on them, but whether these pleasure objects are accepted or not, sex toys are a part of our history.” Alex is sure that sex toys will never lose their popularity, this is proven by the fact that sex toy business became a multibillion-dollar industry.

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