Start Living Today

Start Living Today

If looking at your reflection in the mirror you wish it weren’t you or if you think that your friends are more successful in life because of their attractiveness, you should realize that in most cases our “ugliness” lives just in our head and in our self perception.

What to start with
Just smile. It may sound trivial, but smile is really making magic! It’s so natural – we smile when we are happy and this in its turn arouses positive emotions in people we communicate with. And now just think – can we consider someone ugly or unattractive if he/she is associated with positive emotions? Definitely, no! To be beautiful and pleasant looking are absolutely different stories. And in case you can’t say you are a real beautyv who prevents you from being pleasant looking?

Believe in yourself
No one will think you are ugly if you don’t think so. People always feel if you are self-doubtful as it influences your behavior. So why should they treat you as an attractive person if you yourself don’t believe in your uniqueness? And if you want other people to treat you as a beauty – love yourself and start presenting yourself accordingly.

Start taking care of your appearance
Look in the mirror. What do you see there? Don’t you think that it’s high time to change something? People with low self esteem often suffer from the fear of being rejected, so they try to wear clothes that can hide their “ugliness” from others and make them almost invisible in the crowd. But who said that if you draw ones attention – their reaction will be negative? Don’t hesitate, go and buy that read dress you’ve been dreaming about, or that bright T-shirt with a funny print. Change your haircut – there are a lot of professionals who will help you to find your own image. Don’t be afraid of experiments!

Remember that people will treat you with respect only when you start respecting yourself.

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9 thoughts on “Start Living Today”

  • Create energy. Jump to forgiveness and love, then figure things out. Most conclusions we jump to are not only wrong, they’re negative.

  • Stop worrying. You can’t fully appreciate today if you worry too much about tomorrow. Realize that tomorrow is going to happen whether you worry about it or not. And since worry has never accomplished anything for anybody, redirect your mental energy elsewhere.

  • Start doing the things you always planned to do. Choose your life every morning. Plan one thing you will do that day to feel alive.

  • Love your job. If you just “survive” the workweek constantly waiting for the next weekend “to get here,” you are wasting 71% of your life (5 out of 7 days).

  • Let the losers win. Don’t argue about things that you don’t care about. Unless there’s some real threat, let the folks who have something to prove, prove what they need to. Why waste your living time trying to fix what’s wrong with them?

  • working hard today is always the first step towards realizing your dreams tomorrow. Don’t allow dreaming about tomorrow to replace living in today.

  • Stop living in the future. Every time you think “someday” or “when I have time I will,” stop. Ask yourself, “Why not now?” Think about this sentence, “I always wanted to, but never did.

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