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10 Signs He Loves You

“For guys saying "I love you" is a big step. Some of them are scared”
By Eleanor Dyer April 28, 2021

10 Signs He Loves You

“For guys saying "I love you" is a big step. Some of them are scared”
By Eleanor Dyer April 28, 2021

For guys saying "I love you" is a big step. Some of them are scared to say that, cause it's a new responsibility. Some of them are just not sure yet. But actually, you don't need him to say it out loud, as there are plenty of ways to say it without words. 

It's funny how our brain and body react to things we like, even if we don't realize it ourselves. If he still hasn't told you about his feelings, you can understand it yourself by reading his body language. So, here we got 10 signs that he loves you. 

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He calls or texts you for no reason

If he wants to hear your voice or ask how are you doing 'just because', it's a sure sign that he is really interested in you and can't spend too much time without you. Though, not all people do it, so don't get upset if he doesn't call you 10 times a day. Maybe he'd better do everything to see you than just get a text from you. 


He gives you meaningful gifts

And when we say meaningful, it doesn't mean expensive. If he puts an effort on thinking what you would like or even makes a hand-made present, it means a lot. Especially for men.  Actually, gifts is a really good idea to show you affection. And it works not only for men but for women as well. Check out some sweetest gift ideas to make your loved one happy. 


He cares about you

When you are going on a date at night, he thinks about little things like if you get cold. If you are upset, he will be the first one to comfort you and to make you feel better. He doesn't just like spending time with you - he cares about you and is ready to be with you even in some difficult life moments. 


He squeezes your hand and keeps eye contact

These are two the most intimate and silent ways to say "I love you" without saying anything. It doesn't necessarily mean that he is going to say it right now but his body is definitely saying it, so you just need to pay attention. 


He smiles after kissing you

When you kiss someone you love, you just can't stop smiling. Of course, it could happen without any reason once or twice. But if you keep catching him grinning after you kiss all the time, it's a sure sign he truly enjoys your company.


He really listens to you

It's not only that he listens carefully and leans closer when you speak, but also he actually hears what you are saying. You can see it in some small things like the gift that you wanted for a long time already, or a movie that you were craving to see. He remembers what you said to him and uses this information to make you happy. 


You make him laugh

It's a common sign that if a girl is in love with a guy she constantly laughs at his jokes (even the most stupid ones). But actually, it's a two-way street. If you make him laugh and you see that he is happy and comfortable with you, it's a sure sign that he loves you. 


He is proud to be with you

It's very important to know that he is not embarrassed by you when he is with his friends or family. He wants everyone to know that you are his girlfriend and not because you are a superstar or have a good body. Seeing only good qualities in you means that he really admires you. 


He is ready to compromise

It's a very important sign that he is feeling more than just attraction to you. If he is ready to put your desires and wishes before his own and compromise in situations he is straight about, it's a sure sign that he is feeling very serious about you. 


He says it in other words

Whether he is paying you compliments or constantly says how wonderful you are and how much he likes you - it's a true sign that he loves you. Notice that a lot of guys have problems with expressing their emotions. So, saying "I love you" might be extremely difficult for them. Though, it doesn't mean that they don't feel it at all. Instead of saying directly "I love you", he might express his feelings another way, hoping that you will understand it.


Of course, it's amazing when he tells you that he loves you, though it not always happens as you want it. If you want to know for sure, whether he loves you or not, watch his body language and read these signs. If you got at least some of these signs, it's pretty obvious that he loves you.


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