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5 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is the Best

“If you’re not a morning person then it may sound like a horrible idea. If”
By Harry Holt June 11, 2021

5 Reasons Why Morning Sex Is the Best

“If you’re not a morning person then it may sound like a horrible idea. If”
By Harry Holt June 11, 2021

If you’re not a morning person then it may sound like a horrible idea. If you’ve never tried it then you might immediately brush it off. However, if you want that connection with your partner, then morning sex may be something worth considering. It may not sound like the most traditional way to start your day, but you might be surprised at how well it gets things going.

Not only can this strengthen your physical relationship, but it may even make you more alert and happier throughout your day. If you find yourself searching for a reason to settle for morning sex, then here are a few that prove that this is a great way to get the day going.

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It starts the day off on a positive note 

If you need a good way to start the day and set things into a positive direction, then this is it. You will feel healthy and more energized.

Though it may sound counterintuitive when you start the day off with sex you are more focused and likely more productive. You also have a big smile on your face because you just enjoyed time with your partner in a wonderful way. So if you need a little uplift, morning sex is a great way to achieve that.

It gives you that connection first thing

It may feel as if the two of you have been a bit off lately. Maybe it's because you are finding a hard time getting sex into your day. When you have morning sex you ensure that connection between the two of you and there is nothing to stop it. You will love connecting with one another and you are sure that it happens if it’s first thing in the morning. Try it and see for yourself!

You aren’t distracted by the activities of the day

There aren’t any work stresses, there aren’t any kid concerns, there is just the two of you free from any distractions. This is your time to be with one another and you aren’t distracted by anything. You don’t have time to feel stress or worry about the day, and therefore, morning sex may be the only time that you have to be with one another without any distractions.

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It may be your own quiet time just the two of you

Life can get busy and it may feel like you don’t even have time to talk to one another some days. When you wake up and have sex in the morning, it’s your own little quiet time. You are there just the two of you and it’s a really nice way to breathe new life into the relationship. If you get into the habit of this then it may become a main fixture of your relationship moving forward, and ensure that the two of you remain connected.

You can throw yourself into it without a second thought 

You’re not tired, you don’t have a headache, and you probably are just waking up to start the day. What that means is that you can give yourself into the passion of morning sex without a second thought. You can give yourself to them and enjoy this experience, and nothing else matters at that moment. Both of you are going to love what this does for your relationship for it makes your connection the first and most experienced of the day ahead!

Have in mind those reasons while considering morning sex as an option.

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