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Tips and Recommendations on Safe Dating Sites

“Sometimes online dating seems to be a scary experience and some people just don’t opt”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021
Dating Online Tips and Recommendations on Safe Dating Sites dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

Tips and Recommendations on Safe Dating Sites

“Sometimes online dating seems to be a scary experience and some people just don’t opt”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Sometimes online dating seems to be a scary experience and some people just don’t opt for meeting people online for this exact reason. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of stories telling how two loving hearts have found each other and fallen in love with the help of the Internet.

If you are still alone and are willing to meet someone but traditional ways of meeting males/females aren’t convenient for you or unsuccessful, you may always opt for finding a good date on the Internet using some of the safe dating sites. Safety is very important for any Internet user, but if are looking to meet personals, you should be aware of the fact that any of the people you communicate with on the Internet may appear to be dating scam artists, perverts and even criminals waiting to take advantage of credulous people who lightly believe whatever they see or hear. So how to avoid scams and sign up for safe free dating sites?

Tips on Safe Online Dating:

1. Take care of your personal information. Most free dating websites give their members an opportunity to remain anonymous, so why not take an advantage of that? When filling in your personal profile refrain from using personal information. When communicating online do not share your personal phone number, email or home address with those who you have just met. Be careful when accessing your account from another computer and make sure you disabled the automatic sign-in feature and no one records your personal information.

2. Be wise with suspicious users. If you have just met someone online and this person tries to find out your personal information or tells you things that sound too good to be true, block him/her at once. There are certain things that usually seem to be quite suspicious among which are the following:

  • A user claims to be from the US, but is currently living abroad, travelling or has gone on a business trip.
  • Without the history of communication a user asks you to give him your personal contacts: email, Skype or other messaging services.
  •  A user tells you he is looking for love because he has recently widowed, complimenting you a lot, saying it’s fate that he has found you here.
  • A user claims to be American but makes grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • A user sends you links to other websites you are unaware of.
  • A user tries to find out your home address in order to send you a bunch of flowers or a small gift.
  • A user asks you for money saying he has found himself in an unusual situation (was robbed, lost his wallet or credit cards, is between life and death and needs money to pay for a surgery, etc.).

3. Do not fling yourself into dating at once. You should take your time, communicate a bit with a person you are willing to meet to find out more about him/her and never rush to organize your first date. To make sure things go well speak on different topics and ask your online interlocutor to send you a recent photo that will help you to verify his/her legitimacy. The decision of meeting up for the first date must be initiated by both you and your online friend, but remember not to rush and meet your date whenever you are ready.

3 Things You Should Check Before Signing Up

If you are willing to sign up for one of the free dating sites, you should make sure they are safe not to get into a scrape. So before doing it look through the website and see whether one of the below mentioned conditions is followed:

Domain and Design

Many safe dating websites have good domains, nice design which makes the website easy and interesting to navigate and do not contain ads, pop-ups and other stuff. If the site is poorly developed, that means the administration doesn’t manage the information properly and you may risk your data.

Privacy Policy

Every serious and safe dating site must have a link leading to the privacy policy. Follow the link and read it carefully to ensure the website doesn’t share your personal information to the third parties and the registered users are not screened.


Check for the age of any dating website you are surfing through and make sure the copyright is of the current year, otherwise, search further.

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