Profiles without Photos

Profiles without Photos

Imagine the situation – you are browsing through numerous online profiles hoping to find an appropriate person to start the communication, and finally you find him/her! Everything is just perfect – the profile contains a lot of info about its owner. You seem to share the same interests and hobbies. And you are about to contact him/her, but there is one «tiny» problem – there is no profile photo. Would still contact such a person?

Of course, nowadays the profiles without photos are rather an exception than rule, but they still exist. Why users don’t place the pictures to their profiles? There are a lot of reasons not to do this. First of all online dater may ignore posting his/her photo because of specific job issues, or maybe the user still doubts the safety of online dating. And finally, what if he/she has just created the profile and hasn’t chosen the appropriate picture yet?

However, unfortunately not all users without profile photos have innocent intentions. So, next time when you run into a profile without pictures or the profile that contains only one picture which seems to be taken from a photo stock – just switch on your gut feeling and common sense. Is this profile worth your risk? Keep in mind that scammers also use such profiles. How do you find the idea of becoming a victim of online swindler?

If you still have a strong desire to start the communication with this person – just send him/her an email and find out if there is a real person on the other side of the screen. Be cautious and ignore any money requests – don’t let the frauds walk you round.

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9 thoughts on “Profiles without Photos”

  • I actually will open messages from girls with no pics attached or in their profiles. I’ve had some very attractive ladies message me like that, just to send pics later on. Pretty girls get all kinds of messages asking them to strip and cam naked so I don’t blame some for not showing pics online.

  • Some people have jobs in which they won’t want to be identified on a public website. People such as teachers don’t want their students to find them by accident. Lawyers, doctors, Public Relations, etc… all need some form of anonymity of when looking as well. Military and government jobs often require some discretion as well.

    No picture is not a problem… not willing to share one once a common interest has been found is.

  • I know many who do not have a photo due to their job. I do not judge them as long as they are providing pics privately whats the big deal? I have a friend who is not putting up a pic for safety reasons…she has been stalked because of her pictures, and yes they were decent pics nothing revealing.

  • How do you feel about chatting with someone who has no face?? For me I am not asking this because I feel that looks are the most important or anything.

  • I remember what I was going to say … the whole picture thing … I’ve noticed quite a few people look different in real life then they do in their pics. I’ve seen some people who look nice in their pics, but who are drop dead gorgeous in real life! Not to brag, but I’ve been told a number of times I look better in real life .

  • Are people trying to hide something? such as being married? Are they older than they say?..There could be many reasons, but personally I won’t contact someone who does not have a picture on their profile…Nor will I answer an email from someone who does not have a picture, to me it just common courtesy.

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