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How to Meet and Date a Movie Star

“Have you ever dreamed about meeting your favourite movie star? Going for a drink with”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

How to Meet and Date a Movie Star

“Have you ever dreamed about meeting your favourite movie star? Going for a drink with”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

Have you ever dreamed about meeting your favourite movie star? Going for a drink with Ryan Gosling, having a fun chat with Cameron Diaz or enjoying a picnic in a park with Chris Evans...

It may seem impossible but it's not true. A lot of celebrities date ordinary people and most of them are very happy together. So, if you are dreaming to meet your favourite movie star, here are some tips for you.


How to meet a movie star?

First of all, you two need to meet. Actually, it's not that difficult. Movie stars don't spend all their lives in Hollywood. Firstly, they usually travel a lot, so even if you think that you live too far to meet your favourite celebrity, it can be changed any minute! Secondly, you can always visit their favourite places. Nowadays it's very easy to find out where your favourite celebrity likes to drink coffee in the morning and in which park they walk their dog. Just follow your love interest on social media and you'll get to know them much better.

Another way to meet a movie star is a film shooting or its premiere, festival, press-conference or another place connected with their work. For example, if your love interest is also a model, be sure to meet them on Fashion Week in New York, Paris, Milan or London (also they will definitely mention it in their social media).

A lot of movie stars are quite active on their social media, so it would not only help you to find out more about him/her, but also it's a great way to start a conversation. Reply on comments or send direct messages - do everything to make them notice you. Though, don't spam, as it would make a bad impression.


How to attract your celebrity?

The main thing you need to remember is that "stars" are the same people as we are, and in order to attract them you need to do the same as you do to other people. The first thing to remember is that you shouldn't stalk them. It's not attractive, it's scaring people and it won't give you too much information as well. Don't get too emotional when you meet them. Act and speak normally and try to be yourself.

There are two ways how to draw their attention to yourself: physical attraction and intelligence. If you are going to a place where you know you would meet your love interest, try to dress up and look good to impress them. Though, remember that they see all these dressed up people every day and sometimes all they want is some natural beauty and casual look. Another way is to make them remember you by your intelligence and sense of humour. Be elegant and use your good manners. Show that you both have a lot in common and you have a lot of topics you can talk about. Break the ice with a good joke - it's a perfect way to make someone remember you. Make them feel comfortable and happy with you.


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How to date a movie star?

You need to be ready that your relationship is going to be public. That is why first dates are better to spend in some private place (but not too private, the first date it's still not the time to invite them to your house). You need to be very creative to make them want more. Here you won't be able to use your favourite movie cliche, as they are probably already sick of them. Make your dates natural and special. It will help you to keep your date interested in you.

Check here more about various date ideas and choose which one would be perfect for you.

It's very important to show your date that you are interested in them not only because he/she is a celebrity, but because of their personality and life interests. You should bond together as two people who are interested in each other and not like a movie star and a fan.


Dating a celebrity is a little bit harder than dating an ordinary person but if you know that you can handle it, these tips will definitely help you. 

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