Online Dating? Just Be Prepared!

Online Dating? Just Be Prepared!

Don’t lie in your profile. The most important issue about online dating is no lies in your dating profile. Of course, you may say that almost everyone exaggerates and tries to seem at list a little better than he/she is. But the key word here is «a little». There is nothing terrible if you add some inches to your height or try to seem a little thinner. But please, don’t get involved into this exaggerating game too much. Just imagine how disappointed you partner will be when instead of a hot young blond or a handsome athletic guy he/she sees an elderly person remotely resembling the face from the photo.

Unfortunately it’s a common practice when people who post their old pictures and lie about their age get into awkward situations when it comes to an offline date. They feel messed up; they do want to build up relationships with their online dates but are afraid of being rejected. But don’t you think that it’s better to be rejected online and continue looking for your one and only? Why continue playing these dirty games if you really want to find a long term life partner?

In case when this is you who don’t want to continue communication you should learn to ignore any abuse. Keep in mind, you’ll never be able to predict the reaction of this or that user to your rejection. But even having got an abusive email or message from such a user, try to stay calm and polite by any means and give them no ground for a quarrel. Trying to fight them back you may just enable them to continue sending you unwanted letters.

And the main thing you should learn about online dating is that it doesn’t differ much from meeting people in a real life. There are liars, cheaters as well as nice and kind people who just want communication. Just be attentive and treat others the way you want them to treat you.

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