Why you should have no kiss on the first date and how it will help your relationships

Why you should have no kiss on the first date and how it will help your relationships

Kissing on the as well as having sex on the is a big issue to discuss. While for some people kissing is an essential part of a date, others would disagree with the claiming that it’s better to have no on the first date. Both sides have their good and bad points but today we’ll tell you the main reason why you should have no on the first date and how it will help your relationship.

You get to know each other better

Not everyone is okay with kissig total strangers (and on the first date you are still strangers), so waiting till the next date will give you an advantage of getting to know more about your potential partner and get some kind of emotional and mental bonding.

You’ll know where this date will lead

First dates are not always successful and you can realize that it’s not your person even before having a second date. So why would you waste your kisses on something that may not even work out?

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You might not be the only one

If you think you can get a disease only after a sexual contact, you are mistaken. Kissing on a first date is like hooking up without protection. You’ll never know how many other people your partner had kissed recently and if he/she is healthy enough.

You might not get anything serious

If you are looking for a serious relationship, having no kiss on the first date will be the best decision for you. Firstly, it will show the seriousness of your intentions. And also it will give you a chance to get rid of someone who is not looking for the same things as you are.

You will develop the chemistry between you two

The kiss (as well as sex) is meaningless if there is no chemistry between you and your partner. There is no doubt that sometimes you can feel the chemistry between you simply after the first glance at each other. However, in most cases, the chemistry should grow and it’s better for you to wait till this moment to make your kiss even more amazing.

You need time to understand what do you really feel

Can you really understand what kind of feelings you have for the person you have just met? The first kiss is kind of sacred and it’s always better when you kiss someone who you really like. So don’t rush and take your time to understand if you really like this person and if you are ready to kiss him/her.

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It’s okay to kiss on the first day if you are sure about your partner and you know that you won’t regret it. However, if you are looking for something more serious and don’t want to rush things out, you better have no kiss on the first date and let things go naturally.

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