Netflix and Chill: Top 5 TV Shows You Should Watch With Your Significant Other

Netflix and Chill: Top 5 TV Shows You Should Watch With Your Significant Other

The weekend is coming and it’s a perfect time to stay home and just chill with your loved ones. Though, sometimes it could be hard to choose what to watch together. You comedies and your partner prefers horror movies. When it’s hard to compromise, choose one of these must-see shows that would be perfect either for a evening or for a lazy stay-home night.

No matter what TV genre you prefer, here you’ll find something interesting for both of you. Maybe some of these shows will make a new common interest for your partner and will be a new reason to spend a lazy evening together.

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“The Office”

the office tv shows

Office romances, silly (and sometimes dangerous) pranks between co-workers and life lessons from a quirky boss. What’s not to love about The Office? We can all agree that Jim and Pam’s relationship is one of the greatest love stories in television history. Nothing balances out a mushy love story like Michael Scott’s words of wisdom and superb one-liners.


“Black Mirror”

black mirror tv shows

If non-stop captivation and post viewing discussion revolving around human nature are your thing, Black Mirror is the ticket. This nearly unavoidable anthology centers around science fiction, dystopian futures, and moral-ethical dilemmas. With four seasons of no more than 6 episodes per season, each averaging 60 minutes in length, it is an excellent recipe for binge-watching.


“How I Met Your Mother”

how i met your mother tv shows

Another comedian show that would be interesting both for you and your partner. Another plus is that the main topic of this show is relationship and finding true love, so it would be perfect for spending a romantic evening with your significant other.

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“Breaking Bad”

breaking bad tv shows

So, your beloved has a deep, dark secret you recently discovered… How far would you go to protect him? Cut to Skyler White (Anna Gunn), the wife of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher with terminal cancer who turns to manufacturing and selling crystal meth to ensure his family’s future security. The series dives headfirst into deception, greed, love and everything from the kitchen sink we typically endure at one point or another in a relationship.


“The Big Bang Theory”

the big bang theory tv shows

The story about geeks who are trying to find a cool is just made for watching together with someone you love. At first it’s just a funny show to laugh at but later on it’s getting more serious and romantic.

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