Meetville Shares its Polls in Social Networks

Meetville Shares its Polls in Social Networks

We have really amazing news for you, guys! Meetville decided to post its polls to social networks: Facebook and Google+. You’ve heard about our Q&A and Pulse services and we really hope that you find them useful. Meetville Polls are created to reveal our users’ opinions and views regarding series of topics like Lifestyle, Society & Politics, Science & Tech, Relationships and many others.

Now we would like to share our polls with our Facebook and Google+ subscribers and inspire them to share their opinion as well.

Our polls tell how people think and feel about any questions and news. Users can find like-minded people with similar life values and interests. You will not only get to know other people but you can also learn yourself.

We have thousands of different questions to meet all possible interests:

Would you date someone for their looks, is age an important factor in people you date, do you think it is okay to lie or do first world countries have a moral obligation to accept refugees? etc. What are you answers to these questions?

qa-question-image (1)

qa-question-image (3)

If want to know how your friends answer the most important questions – share the polls with everyone and get to know each other better! Download Meetville apps for iPhone & iPad!

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