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7 Great Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles

“If you are single this Valentine's Day - don't get stressed! Although it might be”
By Grace Cox June 10, 2021

7 Great Valentine's Day Ideas for Singles

“If you are single this Valentine's Day - don't get stressed! Although it might be”
By Grace Cox June 10, 2021

If you are single this Valentine's Day - don't get stressed! Although it might be a bit depressing watching all these cute couples kissing and cuddling when you don't have a partner. And it's getting even worse when it comes to Valentine's Day.

But who said you can't enjoy this day while being on your own? Check these 7 great Valentine's Day ideas for singles and make this day count!


Go to a party

Remember that you are not alone! There are plenty of people just like you who don't have a partner to celebrate with but still want to have fun on Valentine's Day. And if you'll search well, you'll surely find a party for local singletons like you.

Though, if you don't feel like spending this day with some total strangers, you can make your own party with some of your single friends. It's a great way to make this day dedicated to your beloved friends.


Make it your day

If 14th of February is the day to spend with your loved ones, why don't you spend it with someone you should love the most - yourself. While everyone is panicking about how to surprise their partner, enjoy this day of being single! Order your favorite food and watch your favorite movie. Take yourself to the art event you really wanted to visit or just spend a calm evening in your bed. It's your day and only you can decide how to make it perfect!

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Buy yourself a gift

If it's a holiday then you still need to get a gift! Buy yourself something that will get yourself in the mood. It could be something as simple as a new dress and lingerie or something more specific like a new sex toy. Don't miss all the benefits of being single on Valentine's Day ;)


Babysit for a couple that never gets a night out

If you don't get any plans for Valentine's Day, you can do a favor for your friends who have a child. Help them to take a night off their parenting duties and have some nice time together on this very romantic day. It doesn't sound like a great idea for a relaxing day but surely your friends will be very grateful for giving them this evening.


Veg out

Just 3 words: Netflix and Chill. Binge-watching your favorite show and eating your favorite food all day sounds like a perfect idea for this Valentine's Day.


Change your look

Maybe you've been wanting to dye your hair in pink or completely change your look. Well, today is the day! Little changes make a big impact. So, why to be depressed about being single when you can start a new life and maybe find your true love right now!


Find a date

Though there are plenty of ways to celebrate St. Valentine's Day all by yourself, it's still nice to share this holiday with another person. And the good news is: it's still possible even if you're single.

Even if it seems like there are only couples all around, there are actually a lot of single people in the city who aslo want to make this day special. The easiest way to find a date for Valentine's Day is to browse through local singles on a dating app like Meetville. It's the best way to find like-minded people in your city and go on a date this Valentine's Day.

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Being single is not the reason to miss all the fun of such a great day. Spend some good quality time alone or with your friends, and if you want to find your love and spend this Valentine's Day with him/her, don’t forget to register on Meetville or install the app on Android right now and go on a date with local singles!


You can suppress it, you can even eat your feelings, but it doesn't change the fact that you're single on Valentine's Day. Don't worry, Nikki Limo is reminding you it could be worse, you could be in a relationship.

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