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10 Great Proposal Ideas That Would Make Her Say Yes

“All girls want to get married. They can tell you they don't but it's a”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

10 Great Proposal Ideas That Would Make Her Say Yes

“All girls want to get married. They can tell you they don't but it's a”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

All girls want to get married. They can tell you they don't but it's a lie. Maybe it's not that much about marriage itself but about having a special day for both of you, or wearing a beautiful wedding dress, or... having a romantic proposal. Of course, is she truly loves you, she will say yes even if you just ask her casually while watching TV. But if you want to make her happy, you should try a little bit more. 

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The proposal matters. And you know it. Don't overthink it and try to make it pleasant for both of you. Though, if you are lost and not sure what your future bride would like, here we got 10 great proposal ideas that would make her definitely say yes. Every person has individual tastes but we are pretty sure you would succeed with one of those ideas.


Nostalgic proposal

nostalgic proposal ideas meetville

Take your love to the place you both first met, had a first date or had some other good memories together. She will be touched just by the significance of this place, and if you also add a short speech about the journey you both had together, she will remember this proposal for her whole life. 


Write about your feelings in the air

skywriting proposal ideas in the air meetville

Skywriting is a very unique and romantic idea. You can stay intimate and at the same time proclaim your love to the world. And it's definitely something unusual and what she would never expect! 


Flash mob proposal

flash mob proposal ideas meetville

It's something that is not that new anymore but still very unique and romantic. Flash mob proposal idea can include anything from dancing to a small show performed for your loved one. If you don't have any ideas at all, search for some videos on Youtube - there are plenty of them. It would be also cool if you'd film the whole performance, so, later on, you can both enjoy it.


Dinner proposal

dinner proposal ideas meetville

It might be a little bit trivial but still great. That is why it's one of the most popular proposal ideas. Invite her for a dinner at a fancy restaurant or on a picnic and then use your creativity to make this dinner special: you can put the ring on the top of a dessert, in a champagne glass, or just ask the manager of the restaurant to play her favourite song while you stand on one knee. It might seem a bit old-fashioned but at the same time, you can be sure that this will really work.


Trivia game proposal

trivia game proposal ideas

You don't always need to go somewhere or look fancy to make this day the most memorable day of your lives. While playing Trivia (or some other similar games), rather than ask a real question ask her: "Will you marry me?" 


Trip proposal

trip proposal ideas meetville

Go somewhere for a trip. It could be just going hiking or visiting a city nearby. Find some places with a breathtaking view in advance and take your love in there. There is nothing more romantic than a glass of wine on the top of the hill or amazing view from the Eifell Tower. Your proposal would make this moment even more remarkable. 


Football match proposal

kiss cam football proposal ideas meetville

We all know these kiss cams on sports events. You just need to manage everything in advance and be ready when you both will be in the centre of everyone's attention. 


Extreme proposal

extreme diving proposal ideas meetville

If you both are fond of extreme adventures, propose to her where she wouldn't expect it at all. Starting from skydiving, hot-air balloon walk or even a proposal at the depths of the ocean - it all depends on how extreme and creative you are. 


Recreate her favourite love story

pride and prejudice love story proposal ideas meetville

Maybe she is a big fan of "Pride & Prejudice" novel. Or maybe she just can't stop rewatching "The Notebook". Recreate her favourite love scene from the book or movie, and she won't be able to say no to you!


Write her a book

wrtite a book proposal ideas meetville

It shouldn't be a 300 pages novel. Just write a few pages with telling your love story from your side (she will be really touched by that). And at the last page you can have only one sentence: "Will you marry me?"


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Good luck with the proposal and be sure that she will notice your creativity and will really appreciate this.


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