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7 Most Romantic Things to Do in Phoenix

“Being romantic on a date is not only about going to a restaurant and buying flowers.”
By Alex Glover May 27, 2021

7 Most Romantic Things to Do in Phoenix

“Being romantic on a date is not only about going to a restaurant and buying flowers.”
By Alex Glover May 27, 2021

Being romantic on a date is not only about going to a restaurant and buying flowers. If you really want to impress your girlfriend (or boyfriend), you should be creative. 

Check out the most incredible activities to do on a date. Horse riding, romantic dinner or wine tasting  - we've got much more ideas for you. Let's make this date unforgettable!

1. Take a nice walk on Verde Valley Wine Trail


Be warned: this isn’t the ideal date for complete strangers since it is a couple hours away from Phoenix. Though if the long trip isn't a problem for you, the date is gonna be amazing! Walking along the grape alleys would make this time perfect for both of you. Beautiful views, nice smell and the pleasant company of your date - doesn't it sound like the best date ever? What is more, after a nice walk your date will continue with a wine tasting. You and your date will be treated to a flight of wines at Verde Valley, and if you aren’t a burgeoning sommelier, don’t worry, the staff would be happy to help you pick out your wines. Unlike so many things in this world, the winery is open 365 days a year. 

2. Have an active day doing Salt River Tubing


This date is amazing in the summertime. Most people will tell you that tubing is one of the best, laziest ways to beat the heat. If your idea of going on a date is getting to know each other better while floating down a river, then look no further than Salt River Tubing. The two-hour trips last about as long as a slow dinner or a night of drinks, and offer far better scenery. You also won’t have to worry about anyone who could possibly interrupt your conversation - any unwelcome company will float on by in short order. 

3. Take a hot-air balloon ride with Hot Air Expeditions


Love is in the air... In this case, the phrase was taken too literally. Your date would be definitely amazed not only by the beautiful view, while soaring, in fact, as high as 3,000ft, but also by your creativity. And to sweeten the deal, you can both enjoy your time together with a glass of Champagne that's included.

4. Travel to North Italia


A short trip to romantic Italy - what could be better for a perfect date? The best thing is that you can visit North Italy while staying in Phoenix!
North Italia is an Italian restaurant meant to feel like an Italian tavern. It focuses on made-from-scratch and handmade pizza and pasta. It also serves small plates, bruschetta, and salads. Made with love from the best Italian recipes - this dinner will create a special Italian mood for both of you. 

5. Spend a date on the back of a horse


What could be more romantic than going on a horse ride together? Ponderosa Stables offers guided trail rides in South Mountain Park, known for its stunning rock formations, ancient petroglyphs, and ability to make dates go really, really well. 

6. Watch a movie on the backseat of your car


Because making out in a theatre tends to annoy the people sitting around you, take it to the backseat and check out first-run movies like they were meant to be watched at Arizona's only drive-in movie theatre. With a date like this, you will never miss the latest movies and, at the same time, it's much more romantic than an ordinary cinema. 

7. Dine in the desert


You both would never forget this dinner! Sitting in the middle of a desert and enjoying delicious meals could be the most unusual date in your life. To make this experience even more creative the 'restaurant' changes the menu and location every month. 

Surprise your date with these incredible activities in Phoenix! And if you're not from this city, maybe it's a good sign to visit it?

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