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7 Most Romantic Date Attractions in Philadelphia

“Philadelphia is one of the most romantic cities in the entire USA. It caters to”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021
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7 Most Romantic Date Attractions in Philadelphia

“Philadelphia is one of the most romantic cities in the entire USA. It caters to”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

Philadelphia is one of the most romantic cities in the entire USA. It caters to couples looking for a romantic experience at cultural sites, charming eateries, outdoor attractions and other swoon-worthy spots throughout the city.

Treat yourself and a loved one to a romantic photo at the AMOR Statue, sightseeing at One Liberty Observation Deck, a lovely walk through Longwood Gardens and so much more. Explore the city’s sweet side with us and find out the best romantic attractions and activities in the region.

1. Grab delicious lunch at Reading Terminal Market


Reading Terminal Market has a rich history in Philadelphia, celebrating over 120 years of bringing fresh and local food to the area. Occupying an entire city block, it's brimming with food options of all sorts, including a plethora of styles and cuisines that cater to every meal of the day. Experience the best gastronomic bazaar in Philly with your date - that's gonna be awesome!

2. Catch a breathtaking view of center city with a City Hall Tower Tour


The City Hall Tower Observation Deck — located 500 feet above the ground at the base of the giant bronze statue of Billy Penn — offers amazing, 360-degree views of Philadelphia. You can look east and see the Convention Center, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and New Jersey. You can peer north and south to view the entire 12-mile stretch of Broad Street, one of the longest straight streets in the country. You can look northwest out over the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and Fairmount Park. And you can look west into the heart of the Philadelphia skyline. If you take a tour during sunset, be prepared for an uncontrollable urge to take too many romantic photos. But who cares as long as you are in love!

3. Take a stroll through Chinatown and grab a delicious meal


Beyond the colorful, 40-foot Friendship Gate at 10th and Arch streets lives Philly’s Chinatown, an always-bustling neighborhood filled with activity and authenticity, food and events. Within its boundaries, you'll find many steaming platters of hand-stretched noodles, unique flavors of bubble tea, delicious dumplings and more from restaurants that represent Hong Kong, Cantonese, Fujianese, Northern Sichuan and Taiwanese cultures, along with a sprinkling of Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Burmese and Vietnamese establishments. Be sure to grab a meal while you're wandering through with your date!

4. Surprise your date with a fantastic view from the XIX (NINETEEN) Restaurant


It’s all in the view. XIX features one of the best views of the city from its location at the top of the Bellevue, and it doesn’t hurt that the seafood-heavy menu is just as stunning as the cityscape. Your date will totally be impressed by such a fantastic evening!

5. Hold each other's hands in the Spruce Street Harbor Park

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When you’re at a loss for what to do after your romantic Old City meal, simply take your date’s hand and walk down to the water, where, depending on the time of year, there are dozens of activities thanks to the Spruce Street Harbor Park and Winterfest pop-ups. Beer gardens pop up in summer, and the views of nature impress regardless of the season. The waterfront park has just everything to make your date a perfection!

6. Have a morning date at Amada restaurant


Amada — Jose Garces' original Philadelphia restaurant — welcomes guests for a Spanish desayuno on Saturday and Sunday, spotlighting chorizo and eggs, Serrano ham and manchego cheese omelets and fluffy lemon-ricotta pancakes. A selection of cocktails and many of the traditional tapas available in the evening are served at brunch as well. Why not start the date from having breakfast with your crush in such a lovely place?

7. Walk through Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens together


Get lost in Isaiah Zagar’s walkable bric-a-brac masterpiece. You can walk through any time of day or opt for the romantic Twilight in the Gardens series, where the glittering labyrinth of a mosaic is illuminated under soft lights and the space becomes a makeshift performance venue. Taking pictures in such an artistic place will make those moments never-to-be-forgotten!

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