Knowing What Your Home Tells Your Date about You

Knowing What Your Home Tells Your Date about You

You go out on that date and things are going really well, and then you ask them back to your place. Even if it’s when they pick you up and they are getting to see where you live for the first time, there is an impression being made. We tend not to think too much about what our home says about us, but it’s a huge factor within dating. If you’re not careful your home may say things about you that you don’t want it to. Believe or not your date is taking it all in and forming opinions about you just by looking in one room of your home.

Here’s the thing—the way that you keep your house can speak volumes about your personality. Say for example you keep your house messy and there are piles everywhere. Your date is going to notice the mess of the chaos and immediately think that you are somebody who is unorganized. Even if you are not that type of person they see that you don’t place emphasis on keeping a neat and orderly house. This can scare them off if they see that you don’t take care of your space. They want to see a house where everything has a place, so remember that as you are setting the scene.

Organized Is Really a Good Thing in the End

If your house is clean and everything has a very distinct place it can say that you are not only organized but that you put time into the details. Be sure that you don’t get carried away with this and go to the other extreme, but a little order can go a long way. They may only get to see a snippet of your home but if you have things looking nice and organized it’s almost like a staging scene. This is your opportunity to show that you are neat, organized, and pulled together.

They may notice that you have a lot of pictures of friends and family throughout your house. This is actually a good thing because it shows that you are close to these people in your life. They love to see that you have a life and people that love you and care about you. It’s when there is absolutely no personal evidence of your loved ones that a date may start to get worried. They want to know that you are part of something bigger and your personal effects throughout can tell that in just a quick look.

They Are Trying To Gather Clues

If you have interests or hobbies they can pick up on these very quickly. It may be through magazines that you have on display. It may be pictures or awards that you have out, even for professional accomplishments. They love to see that you do well with something so this is another good thing for them to notice when they see your home for the first time. Be aware that anything you put out can tell them a lot about you and that can help them to fill in the blanks.

Though you don’t want to change everything about your home, do know that your date is taking note of everything. Be sure that you are aware of the order of things and the personal effects that you have out. This is a great chance for them to get to know you, so be sure that your home is sending out the right message about you. This is a big part of dating often overlooked, so keep it in mind when a date sees your home for the very first time!

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