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Sleeping Guide to Happy Relationships

“Do you think that love is the only key to a happy relationship? We are”
By Eleanor Dyer April 28, 2021

Sleeping Guide to Happy Relationships

“Do you think that love is the only key to a happy relationship? We are”
By Eleanor Dyer April 28, 2021

Do you think that love is the only key to a happy relationship? We are sorry to say that but you are wrong.

The way your relationship develops may be influenced by various factors. And the most important of them is your behavior in bed. This includes not only your sex life but also the way you sleep. It might be surprising, but your sleeping positions and habits may be the reason you are successful or unsuccessful in relationships.

Do you think you are sleeping in the "right" position? Or would you like to change something in the way you and your partner sleep? Check these helpful tips that will lead you to a happy relationship.

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According to various studies, the manner in which couples sleep, as well as the distance between them may tell a lot about the bond the lovers share.

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Whether you sleep with your back to your partner, or very close to them, a lot can be revealed by paying attention to it. Louisa Peacock, The Telegraph's deputy editor, singles out some of the most popular sleeping positions. For example, “Liberty”, which implies sleeping back to back but not touching. “The couple feel connected whilst independent enough to sleep separately. They are used to each other and accept each other's sleeping habits,” comments Louisa. Another position “Lovers' Knot” (sleeping face to face, legs intertwined before the couple separate to sleep) is more passionate and demonstrates loving independence. “It's a sign of intimacy, love and sexual activity.”In the infographic, you can find what stands behind many popular sleeping positions.

Today many choose to sleep separately. The initial reasons for such a decision may be different. But whilst this solution means you’re both getting better rest, some assume it can also take its toll on overall intimacy.

Psychologist Donna Dawson thinks: “Sleeping apart from each other, however valid the initial reason is never emotionally or psychologically healthy for a couple. It is obvious that the first thing that will suffer is a couple’s sex life. What is less obvious, though, is the loss of spontaneous cuddling, touching and chatting in bed, which is actually the glue that bonds a couple over the longer term. A lack of this ‘bonding’ can lead to a couple feeling distant from each other.”

On the other hand, some psychologists believe that exactly because of the infrequency of being around each other at night, sleeping separately may help spark up the sex life. It also may lead to a greater desire for a partner or more frequent sexual encounters. It brings novelty to your relationship and makes each night a special date.

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Also, specific positions draw attention to hidden strains in the relationship. That makes it easier to prevent potential conflicts. Therefore paying attention to your partner’s sleeping habits will help you improve the relationship in general. And next time you wake up with your “one and only” by the side, you’ll know whether there’s anything to worry about.

Hope that some of those tips helped you to make your relationship happier. Anyway, if you both feel comfortable with each other, the sleeping positions don't matter that much.

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