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10 Struggles All Couples Have in Bed

“When you are going to the next stage in your relationship, getting more intimate with”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

10 Struggles All Couples Have in Bed

“When you are going to the next stage in your relationship, getting more intimate with”
By Alex Glover June 10, 2021

When you are going to the next stage in your relationship, getting more intimate with each other is what you should expect next. And it's not only about your mental closeness.

Sharing a bed together may sound very romantic and cozy, but in fact, not everyone is ready for what is going to happen.

If you've spent most of your life sleeping by yourself, then sharing a bed with someone else may make you reconsider this decision.

So, here we got some struggles all couples have when they start sharing a bed.


"Cause you're hot then you're cold"

Yep, that's right. Some people just transform into radiators at night. Others sleep under 3 or 4 blankets because they are always cold. If you want to sleep together, you'll need to adjust to each other's temperatures.


Which side of the bed?

One of the first arguments people have when they start sharing a bed is which side of the bed to choose. Some people already used to sleep on a particular side and don't want to change their habits. So, it's okay when you don't mind which side of the bed to sleep on, but if not... Well, it may be uncomfortable for both of you.


Cover problem

If you've ever slept with someone in one bed, you definitely know that feeling when your warm blanket is being taken and you wake up freezing in the middle of the night. Of course, they don't do it on purpose, but it's still not the best feeling until you get used to it.


Spooning too much

It might seem that there is no problem. Who wouldn't like spooning with your loved one in bed? But maybe it doesn't sound that good if they are doing it all night long. You can't move, you are hot, you want some space. And it's not like you don't like spooning and cuddling in bed. Just not that much!



You may have different timetables, or you just like waking up after midday, while your partner is already up at 6 a.m. And there is nothing worse than being waked up just because they are up. And breakfast in bed is very nice and romantic, but not at 7 in the morning.


"Accidental" boner poking

If the bed is small and you are sleeping very close to each other, there is nothing surprising that in the morning both of you would feel his boner. However, poking your partner with it "accidentally" every morning isn't the best way to say that you'd like to have morning sex


Morning kisses

If you are comfortable enough to share a bed, you'll need to deal with some other consequences of living together, like no makeup-face or kisses with morning breath. We told you that sharing a bed is a big step in a relationship.


Snore free territory

Be ready that your partner is not as quiet at night as you expected. Are you really ready to listen to they snoring every night?


Night walking

Though, snoring is okay if you'd ever slept with someone who talks in their sleep or even walks at night. Maybe it's not the best person to watch scary movies with, as this might scare you a lot at night.


Sleeping together doesn't mean endless sex

If you are letting someone in your bed, you need to make it clear from the beginning that sleeping together doesn't mean that you'd have sex every night. Sharing a bed is a very intimate prosses and it's much more than just spending a night together after sex.


Sharing a bed with another person may have a lot of issues, but at the same time it's a big step in your relationship, so if you are sure you are ready then just go for it!

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