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How to Get the Best Dating Profile Photo

“It may not be something that people pay too much attention to, but there are”
By Alex Glover May 27, 2021
How to Get the Best Dating Profile Photo dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

How to Get the Best Dating Profile Photo

“It may not be something that people pay too much attention to, but there are”
By Alex Glover May 27, 2021

It may not be something that people pay too much attention to, but there are some ways to fail at online dating profiles at once. The online dating world can be an amazing one and lead you towards a successful relationship, but you have to be aware of what can work against you. In this infographic, Meetville.com has collected all major online dating profile don’ts.

How to Get the Best Dating Profile Photo Infographic dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking
One of the most important things about an online dating profile is a photo. Madeline Stone, a reporter who covers lifestyle and people in tech, says: “The online dating world is a competitive one. With thousands of profiles scattered across a variety of different networks, making a memorable first impression is critical. It turns out that having a good profile photo could be what makes the difference between receiving messages and getting passed over for another profile.”

There are some mistakes to avoid while choosing photos for an online dating profile. Caitlin Scott, an article writer, states: “Guys who take selfies will receive 8 percent fewer messages than those who don't. Unlike men, women with outdoorsy photos receive a 40 percent decrease in messages.” Caitlin Scott adds: “If your first picture is a group photo, the number of first messages you receive will decrease by 42 percent. Probably because as wonderful as it is that you have friends, it's annoying to decipher which of the six people you are.”

Mind that your profile photo quality must be good. Christine Erickson, the List Editor at Mashable's New York headquarters, points out: “First appearances are as important in dating as they are in a job interview. So when you upload a fuzzy photo of yourself in your dirty room, where I can see an old sock hanging on the bookshelf, you are basically saying, “I have no desire to take care of myself or anything else!” It’s important to be honest and upload only recent photos. “When you’re in your 30s, don’t post a photo of you at 22. Online dating isn’t for your #TBT. If you want to relive your college days, go to a football game. Accept that your hairline isn’t what it used to be, and move on. If you’re not confident enough to like how you look now, how can you expect anyone else to?”, adds Christine Erickson.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, says: “There are some essential things that will help you to avoid the most common pitfalls, just keep them in mind when you get started to create your online dating profile. We can admit a huge increase in the pool of potential dates. Stay honest with people, don’t try to pretend who you are not and you will find your perfect match.”

Actually, all you need to do while dating online is to follow some rules to make your profile attractive  to other users. And what you don’t need to do is to use some photos like these in your profile.

Here we got the most common and stereotyped photos that you need to avoid in your dating profile.


playboy dating profile photos

If you think that your photo with a bunch of cute girls hugging or kissing you will make a woman write you first, you are clearly wrong. No one would like to date a womanizer or someone who is always seeking attention among the opposite sex. So, if you’ve registered on a dating app to find someone, you better show your future partner that she will be special to you. No matter if you want a serious relationship or just to hang out with someone for a couple of days. Everyone wants to feel unique (even if deep inside they know it’s not true).

This rule works for women as well. It’s hard to believe that you will be successful at online dating if you have a profile picture with your ex-boyfriend or some other man.



snapchat girl dating profile photos

It’s not really clear if this kind of girl tries to be playful or wants to hide their real face. Anyway, it looks really creepy, Especially, if they use a few filters at a time and don’t have any real photos. Yes, you might look cute with these dog ears but everyone wants to know how do you look like in real life, so there won’t be any surprises.



bikini girl dating profile photos

Summertime gives us a lot: sunny weather, summer holidays and… plenty of bikini girl’s photos. Well, it’s actually a great opportunity if you want to show your body, and a lot of men on a dating app would love it. However, if you already decided to make some bikini photos, at least be creative and don’t copy the same pattern like jumping on a beach or laying in a sexy pose from Instagram… There is nothing worth than going through the same beach photos over and over in the summertime. Be creative and show that you are not just beautiful but also unique.



group of girls dating profile photos

One of the most common mistakes of profile photos is posting a group photo with your friends. Maybe you want to show that you are a very communicative person and you have lots of friends. Or maybe you just look good ob this particular photo. Well, your plan has failed as no one will ever know where in this photo you are. Even if you have some other photos in your profile, it’s not likely that someone would bother to check who from these people on the photo is you.



mirror selfie muscle guy dating profile photos

There is nothing bad about showing what a nice body you got. But, honestly, there have been so many selfies in a mirror just to show off your muscles that it’s kind of lame. If you are really that proud of your workout practice and you want to highlight it in your profile, then you better ask someone to take a picture of you. Showing off in front of the mirror looks selfish and there is a huge probability that women won’t like to date such a narcissistic guy.

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And what is the most stereotyped profile photo for you? Share your experience in the comments below and don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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