How Not to Lose the Right People on Meetville

How Not to Lose the Right People on Meetville

It is well known that the best time to say that you already found the right one is when you stop looking for more. All people want to find that special one in their lives, because  the right person we encounter and build a relationship with makes our life meaningful and happy. So how to keep in touch with the right people when you found them? 

The easiest way not to lose people you’ve found and liked is to add them to your Favorites. You will always have access to their profiles, you will get notifications on the profile updates and new photo uploads these users make. Apart from that, the users you’ve added to Favorites are notified about it. Just open the profile of the person you like, and use the “Add to Favorites” button at the top of the page, on the right from the photo.

Always stay connected with the people you really like, because when you finally find the right person, you know that you found your love.

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