How Much Do People Fear Initiating Sex?

How Much Do People Fear Initiating Sex?

Majority of people don’t feel shy when it comes to initiating sex. (dating app to find the right person) asked people to respond to the question: “Do you feel uncomfortable initiating sex?

The poll was carried out in the period from 10/7/14 to 12/4/14. Only 33% of those polled find it awkward to be the first to start sexual overtures. It may seem strange but 84% of positive answers belong to men.

33,023 of people took part in the poll. The geography of votes was as follows: 53% came from the USA, 5% of voters – from Canada, 11% – from Britain, 5% – from Australia and 26% – from other countries.

There is a number of reasons why both men and women don’t want to initiate sex. It may be a fear of rejection or a simple headache. But still it can cause a lot of trouble in relationships if it becomes one partner’s responsibility.

Lisa Zamosky, a healthcare expert, suggests: “Show your interest by taking the first step from time to time.  Your partner will likely appreciate it, and you may find a new level of satisfaction in taking responsibility for your sexual experience.”

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, comments on the public opinion: “In a relationship, there are always a high desire partner and a low desire partner. One of the two always wants something the other one doesn’t feel enthusiastic about. That’s pretty natural. The key thing is to let your partner know how you feel about it and find the balance in your sex life.”


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