How Much Do Americans Hate Paparazzi?

How Much Do Americans Hate Paparazzi?

Majority believe celebrities deserve the right to be protected from abusive behavior of the press. (dating app to find the right person) revealed the fact in a poll, conducted between 7/18/14 and 10/3/14.

Participants respond to the question: “Should paparazzi be banned?” 58% believe celebrities don’t crave that much attention and would rather ban paparazzi, as they bring more harms than benefits.

Ken Sunshine, a publicist who represents Hollywood stars Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Leonardo DiCaprio, says the paparazzi obsession with his clients is out of control and “It’s got to stop.” “I think that is the lack of respect for any degree of privacy that nobody in the public would want to tolerate in terms of the behavior of photographers, the behavior of press people. Those basic journalistic standards, is something that society should be reacting against,” claims Sunshine.

Respondents numbered 31,277. The geography of votes was as follows: 54% came from the USA, 4% of voters – from Canada, 12% – from Britain, 8% – from Australia and 22% – from other countries.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, comments on the public opinion: “Recently, a controversial interview with Lana Del Rey caused violent reaction among the twitter followers. The star, who claimed in the interview “I wish I was dead already”, is now unhappy with the results and accuses the reporter of hiding sinister ambitions and angles. Fans tend to sympathize with her as they turn against the press and paparazzi. It is hard not to get tempted with exaggerating facts in such a profession. Public resentment arises from the “unjust” treatment of the beloved idols.”


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