How Common Is Ex Sex among Americans

How Common Is Ex Sex among Americans

Half of Americans could not resist the temptation of having sex with ex. (dating app to find the right person) revealed the fact during a poll, conducted between 5/6/14 and 9/26/14.

The poll posed the question: “Did you have sex with your ex after breaking up?” Every other person polled said sex with ex was a good idea.

Kristen Hougton, blogger at The Huffington Post, observes: “More and more people are having sex with their ex and it seems that the 21st century has spawned a new kind of monogamy.” She finds that behavior reasonable in some cases: “If you had a very good sexual relationship with your spouse, despite the fact that you absolutely couldn’t live together as man and wife, it does seem a shame to give it up altogether. Marital disputes aside, it is possible for the sex to be great in a marriage even though everything else is terrible. Great sex is, after all, great sex.”

74,852 took part in the poll. Among those who confessed hitting on their ex, an overwhelming majority were from the USA – 89%, from Canada – 1%, from Britain – 4%, from Australia – 2% and from other countries – 4%.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, concludes: “The topic faces a lot of controversy, as inevitably, most people begin to look at their ex through the eyes of lust and are confronted with a question if it is morally right to go for it and what to expect from this “ex-tra” fling.”

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