Flirting over 40

Flirting over 40

Flirty giggles and mini skirts are perfectly acceptable in 20s, but it’s important for midlife daters to adopt new come-hither tools, as well. If you’re considering online dating but you’re not sure how to flirt, check out these essential and age-appropriate rules to attract the attention you crave.

  • Keep it subtle

When you’re younger, clear advances and blatant innuendo can be effective flirting techniques, but they are not so beneficial for mature dating scene. It’s better not to rely on double entendres or risque jokes. Try implication instead of overt sexual flirtation and keep your conversation respectful and classy.

  • Benefit from etiquette

Formal etiquette still has its benefits and you can always use good manners as a form of flirtation. As a man over 50 you can pull out chairs, pay the bill, and offer your coat on a cold night. These are all ways to extend intimacy without violating any rules of politeness. In the female role, you can take a man’s arm while walking or engage in similar active behaviors.

  • Be honest

The effectiveness of pick-up lines certainly don’t work for anyone over 50. Older people have heard these lines often enough that they’ve lost all their charm. Instead of relying on this tired old technique, be honest. You might be surprised by your success in asking for a momentary conversation or a coffee date.

  • Make eye contact

Human beings learn a lot about each other from the first few moments of contact. As the person offers assistance to the flirter, it is important to look into the other person’s eyes. Smile at humor, but do not appear too eager. Just be yourself.

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