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4 Pros and Cons to Hooking up on the First Date

“For years, it has been totally off limits and therefore many of us have tried”
By Harry Holt June 11, 2021

4 Pros and Cons to Hooking up on the First Date

“For years, it has been totally off limits and therefore many of us have tried”
By Harry Holt June 11, 2021

For years, it has been totally off limits and therefore many of us have tried to avoid it. Hooking up on the first date has always been something that seems wrong. Is it though? Is it possible that there are some positives that come out of hooking up the first time you meet each other? This all depends on who you are, what type of person you are, and who you are dealing with. It also depends on what you want out of a relationship, as this one simple act may do more harm than good in the long run.

It’s not hard to see why somebody might hook up on a first date if they are feeling the chemistry. You may love the attention and the connection between you two. There are definitely some pros and cons in this situation. So, you have to be in tune with them and ready for anything.

If you feel unsure about this whole situation then maybe you shouldn’t go for it. But at the very least know what you are up against. Here are some of the pros and cons of hooking up on the first date. And what it may lead to.

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You take all of the guesswork out of the equation, but you leave nothing to the imagination

You’re not both left wondering “what if” and therefore you know for sure whether it’s a good match physically speaking or not. You just go for it and throw caution to the wind and maybe even take some tension out of the situation, and that can be a positive. The problem is that you also leave nothing to the imagination, and your partner can be no longer interested in you. Sometimes a bit of mystery can go a long way. But if you are okay with not being mysterious at all, then go for it. Just know that it may not lead to bigger things in the future.

You can connect with them on a physical level, but lose their interest

You definitely get that connection that you both want and it can really show if you are meant to be. It may also help to move things in a positive direction and may take some of the questions out of the need for a second date. Though you may get a great connection on a physical level, it may actually prove that they aren’t really all that interested in you. Remember that there’s more than physical. If they perceive you as the easy one, they may not wish to take things any further beyond this.

You may lose their respect

If you are truly into the hookup and you don’t care where things end up, then this may be a fine scenario for you. If you aren’t interested in a long-term relationship and you just want to act and live in the now, then go for it. Remember however that they may not respect you for giving into this temptation the first time that you meet. If you’re okay with that - then try it. But know that hooking up too fast can mean that you lose all respect and credibility.

It may help to seal the deal, but won't lead to the relationship you are interested in

Hooking up could very well be the best thing that happens to you as a couple. It could really help you two to connect on a different level. It may not necessarily lead to the type of relationship that you want. But if you are comfortable with it, then it may be your best step. You never know until you try it, but just be prepared for the potential fallout and consequences!

Don't do it if you feel uncomfortable. Any relationship should leave pleasant memories, not regret. So, consider these pros and cons while deciding if it's a good idea to hook up on a first date. And most importantly, follow your heart.

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