How to Feel More Confident on the First Date? 4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goal

How to Feel More Confident on the First Date? 4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goal

The first date is always a nervous time. Though it’s extremely important to feel confident while meeting your possible future partner for the first date.

When you still don’t know each other well it’s obvious that you have a fear of being weird or that something will go wrong. Surely it may go wrong but you being nervous about it may make the situation even worse. So, if you want to make your first date a good time for both of you and even move it to the second date, check these 4 simple steps that will help you to become more confident on the first date.

Put yourself in a good mood

Do something you enjoy. Or go to a place you’re familiar with. Read your favorite book before the date. Or listen to your favorite song on the way. In other words, put yourself in a good mood to feel more relaxed and confident when it comes to meeting your date.


Be ready to have this date

One of the reasons why you might be so nervous about this date is because you are not really ready to have it. Just ask yourself are you really ready for this date? Or maybe it’s better to postpone it. Trust me, your date will be much more disappointed if you’ll get there all unconfident and in a bad mood than if you’ll have this date another time.

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Be yourself

It’s kind of a cliche, though it’s really important to be yourself. Being honest with each other from the beginning may lead to a more serious relationship than just one date. And even if you’re not looking for something serious, it’s much easier to act like you always do and not thinking about what you can do wrong.


Don’t worry, your date is probably nervous too

The thing is, it’s okay to be nervous on the first date and this another person is probably not that confident at all. A lot of things may go wrong and it would be much better for both of you if you’d take these situations with the ease.

And remember, worrying means you suffer twice 😉


Do not hesitate to show your personal interest

In this case, communication psychology experts advise the same strategy as for showing interest in a conversation: slightly lean towards the person you are talking to, smile, and keep eye contact. Women often show their interest by tilting their heads slightly, dropping their chins and looking from under their eyelashes, biting their lips… Short touches (for example, when both laugh at a good joke) also indicate personal interest. In addition, some things can be expressed in words on the first date already. For example, you can say that you had a great evening and will be glad to meet again!

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