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How to Compliment Your Girlfriend Without Mentioning Her Looks

“When you are dating someone, you always want to tell your loved one how much”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

How to Compliment Your Girlfriend Without Mentioning Her Looks

“When you are dating someone, you always want to tell your loved one how much”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

When you are dating someone, you always want to tell your loved one how much you love them and how amazing they are for you. Complementing your girlfriend will make her feel loved and special, that's why it's so important in a relationship.

So, what kind of compliments a girl would like? Surely, she wants to look good for you, that's why she wears nice dresses and makes new haircut, and she wants you to mention it. However, it's so important for her to know that you love her not only because of her appearance but also because of her intelligence and personality. That's why it's necessary to know how and when to compliment your girlfriend and develop a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Keep your compliments short and simple

You want to say something extraordinary to her. Something that would sweep her off her feet. But if you're not sure that she will like it, better go with something short and simple. Don't exaggerate and make your compliment an obvious lie. For example, don't say, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world". She knows it's not true and most probably she won't even believe it. Better say, "You are the most beautiful girl for me". Or even better, "You look beautiful tonight".

But here we're still stuck with complimenting her looks, so think of more short and nice compliments that don't even need to sound like a compliment. For example, you can compliment her creativity with mentioning that it was a good idea to choose this restaurant for a date. Or to compliment her taste with saying how much you enjoyed this movie she chose or the song she likes lately.

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Don't make it a routine

Although it's always nice to receive and pay compliments to your loved one, complimenting too much may have an opposite effect on your relationship. Paying too many obvious compliments might make your partner think that you don't really mean what you are saying. Or may make you seem desperate. Leave special compliments for some "special occasions" and better say it once in a while. But if you can't live without telling your girlfriend how amazing she is, at least make it not so obvious and stay with something simple (as it was said before).

Mention her personality

It's quite easy. Just think why did you fall in love with her and what of her personal qualities you love the most. Maybe she is always kind to other people, or she has a great sense of humour, or she is really clever. Of course, women like to hear that they are beautiful, but they also want to know that they have something more than their looks and that you will still love her when she is no longer young and beautiful.

Avoid sexually-charged compliments

Why do guys think that if they say that a girl has a nice butt, she will be immediately attracted to them? If it's still the beginning of your relationship or one of the first dates, it's better to avoid paying sexual compliments or commenting her body parts that are explicitly sexual. If you want to tell her that you are attracted to her, better mention something like her hair, eyes or something unique like freckles. It wouldn't be a direct compliment on her looks but at the same time will help her to see that you adore everything about her.

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Focus on her latest achievements

Maybe she has just finished an important project at work or has passed an exam at the university. You need to show her your support by complimenting her achievements. Tell her she did a good job or that she is really smart and brave to achieve such results. You can also make a relative compliment while asking for help. For example, "You've made a stunning presentation last week! Maybe you can help me with mine?".

If you really like this person, there will be no problem with paying her compliments. Just think of the traits you like in her the most and tell it to her sincerely. These simple tips can work with any girl, even if she is still not your girlfriend. And if you still don't have a girlfriend, don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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