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How Physical Appearance is Important in a Relationship?

“We all would like to think that our future partner will choose us by our”
By Harry Holt December 13, 2017

How Physical Appearance is Important in a Relationship?

“We all would like to think that our future partner will choose us by our”
By Harry Holt December 13, 2017

We all would like to think that our future partner will choose us by our soul and brain, not by the way we look. However, for most people, appearance matters and this may influence the way you build your relationship. 

There's been made a survey, which shows that 78% of men and women think that physical appearance is very important in a relationship.

Gender differences

Unsurprisingly, the survey shows that men are more likely to care about physical attraction in a relationship. However, for most of them, the face and look of their partner are more important than a body type. 62% of men said they would pay attention to the face of their future partner and 53% considered body as the main factor of attractiveness.

At the same time, women are not that far behind. When judging a man’s attractiveness, 50% of the women say a man’s face is important, while 39% say the same for his body. And for both, their eyes, skin and lips seem to top the list.


Of course, it's impossible to build a long-term relationship without admiring your partner's personality. The survey shows that women are more likely to notice personality traits of their partner than appearance. For men, still, appearance matters the most.

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How it influences your relationship

It's very interesting how attractiveness of your partner will influence your relationship. The survey shows that, in fact, physical appearance matters only in first seven years of a relationship. After that time, the way your partner looks is not that much important. People tend to start paying more attention to the personal features and shared interests. However, it doesn't mean that after 7 years of relationship, there is no need to look after yourself. More than a half of the men (57%) and almost half of the women (45%) said that they are less attracted to their partner when they don’t take care of their appearance.


What people think about the role of physical appearance in a relationship:

"Well, it definitely matters on some level. You gotta be attracted to the person, right?" - Chris, 26.

"I think love makes everyone looks good. If you love someone, all their quirks, their imperfections… all those things that make them unique become beautiful to you." - Myra, 33.

"I really don't think looks matter a lot. What matter is how they feel about you and how comfortable you are with them. What matter is your bonding with that person which will be very rare if you get to find one." - Sara, 28

"Looks are not everything but it matters a lot. People will say that "Love is blind" and all that stuff, but in fact, practically nobody falls in love blindly, though there are exceptions but majority wise you will find out looks are given the first preference." - Liam, 36

"Everyone wants to say it doesn't matter. They want to think that everyone isn't shallow. But honestly looks matter to almost everyone. Looks are what immediately attract you to someone and make you want to talk to them. As you get to know someone though, their looks become less important as their personality becomes more prominent." - Ashley, 22


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