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7 Sure Signs to Tell if a Girl Is Attracted to You

“You might think that it’s quite obvious when a girl likes you, but that’s not”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

7 Sure Signs to Tell if a Girl Is Attracted to You

“You might think that it’s quite obvious when a girl likes you, but that’s not”
By Alex Glover April 28, 2021

You might think that it’s quite obvious when a girl likes you, but that’s not necessarily always the case.  You should take a step back and look for some telltale signs. They may be right there before you and you are somehow missing them. If a girl really likes you, she is telling you this by the way that she acts.

She is letting you know by the way she talks to you and how she makes plans with you and involves you in her life. It’s not always about the overt or obvious signs, as it may be much more about the way she carries herself when you’re around. Be on the lookout for her signs and you will be able to tell all that you need to. So, here’s how you can tell if she really likes you once and for all!

Learning these signs will really help you to develop the relationship with the girl you like. Read a real-life story about how reading her signs may change your life written by Sebastian Harris. And check the most common ways to tell if a girl is attracted to you.


She is interested in talking to you

She wants to talk to you no matter what is going on. As the relationship progresses, she wants to get to know you more. She also may send you texts or emails throughout the day. This may be subtle at first but grow as you get closer. Good communication is important to women and if she shows this interest, it’s a good sign she’s into you.


She’s flirting with you

This shouldn't be confused with provocative flirting, as it’s just her giving you a little attention. It may be the way that she smiles at you, or joking around with you, or even how she is very flirtatious with her body language or her gestures. You can almost feel the chemistry in the air which tells you that something really wonderful is at play here.


She turns all of her attention to you even in a room full of people

She may be surrounded by friends but she immediately turns her attention to you. In a room full of people she can focus only on you. This may be subtle such as a smile or it may be a hug, but no matter what she’s doing she notices when you enter the room. This makes you both feel good!


Her body language gives her away

She may turn her body entirely towards you when you’re talking. Or she may touch your arm and open herself up to your gentle subtle touches. She makes eye contact and smiles at you, and her body is telling you all that you need to know. See how this works by tuning into the things that she says without even uttering a word.


She is eager to make plans with you

It’s not that she’s obsessively planning the future with you, but she has some interest. She talks about future plans and she's eager to enjoy time with you. This is particularly important if she happens to be a more independent woman. If she is actively making plans with you then she’s trying to show her interest and desire for the relationship to progress.

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She wants you to get to know her friends and family

This may come after you’ve been dating for a little while, but it tells you a lot. If she genuinely wants you to meet her friends and family then she’s trying to tell you something. If she talks about you freely in front of them or makes an effort to get you introduced around, then she really likes you a lot.


She has a smile on her face whenever you’re around 

It may be that you make her laugh. It may be that you just make her happy. The smile that seems plastered to her face whenever you’re around is a good indication of things here. When you see that she lights up when you’re around, then you know that she’s into you. She may not even have to say a word, for that smile may tell you all that you need to know and so much more!


Though some women are more obvious than others, the truth is in her behavior. If she gives you some good attention and shows it with her body language, then you know that she’s all about you. She may like you and she's waiting for you to pick up on her signs to allow things to progress to the next level. If you are still looking for a girl to date, don’t forget to install Meetville app on Android and iOS right now and go on a date with local singles!

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