Dealing with Dating Disappointment

Dealing with Dating Disappointment

Unfortunately the notions of dating and disappointment often go together. Moreover this is one of the crucial factors preventing singles from going on dates again and again. Even if we say we are not afraid of rejection and don’t expect anything special from our new date, actually we do.

Every time staying in front of the mirror getting prepared for the evening with a new would be partner subconsciously we hope that he/she may become our one and only. And every time we realize that we were wrong once again, disappointment comes again.

By the way, reading hundreds of articles and interviews devoted to matchmaking issues I came to the thought that men and women have absolutely different expectations when going on a first dated thus, preparing the ground for mutual disappointment. There are not too many single men out there who tend to launch long term relationships with a lady they’ve just met while women’s plans of being together usually go far away.

So, what do we need to do to make the process of dating easier and get rid of unpleasant emotions? Don’t take things too close to heart and stop making plans before your relationships actually become relationships. Treat dating as a pleasant and exciting game where each new step just makes you closer to the prize. I don’t persuade you to become cynics, no! I just want you to become realists who don’t have any illusions about new people.

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  • I met someone online just about a month ago and we had been corresponding and calling once in a while… He sent me pictures and he really looked gorgeous..very tall and muscular and very good looking..but when I met him he wasnt what I was expecting..kind of looked dorky and was very nervous and was so tall and not muscular on top at all like on his pictures..I wasnt feeling very attracted to him..=(

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