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The Truth About Why Dating Sucks and what You Can Do About It

“Wanna know my opinion? Dating sucks! Okay, maybe it isn't so bad (or at least not”
By Harry Holt June 10, 2021
why dating sucks

The Truth About Why Dating Sucks and what You Can Do About It

“Wanna know my opinion? Dating sucks! Okay, maybe it isn't so bad (or at least not”
By Harry Holt June 10, 2021

Wanna know my opinion? Dating sucks!

Okay, maybe it isn't so bad (or at least not for everyone) but if you are a single man looking for a serious relationship, you get to struggle a lot in this dating game. Though, don't worry. Through the years of my dating practice, I have found some solutions to cope with these problems and make your dating experience much better.

But first, let's face some of the reasons why dating sucks.

Men should make the first move

Why? I generally don't understand this. I know a lot of women who are really fond of a particular guy and want to text him first or ask him out but they won't do it. The reason for that is quite weird: the man should make the first move. Well, I'll tell you what: men also can be shy and have their insecurities. It's also hard for us to make the first move and we have a strong fear of rejection, especially while talking to a girl out of our league.

So, here's a little advise for women: don't wait for a man to make this first move. If you feel ready to go out with him or you really desire to write him first, just go for it! You will just make things easier for you and your man.

Men should pay on a date

Yes, I'm totally okay with paying for a woman on a date. I think it's cute when a woman offers to pay for the bill but still, I feel like it's my duty as a man. However, having at least 3 dates per week (and most of them are not so much successful) will make a huge expenditure for your budget.

Just imagine, you should find a perfect date idea to surprise her, should pay for the dinner and maybe even buy her flowers, and at the end of the day, you are not even sure if she will call you back. And I'm not even talking about how emotionally exhausted you get after all these dates.

Men know what they want (women don't)

There was a girl I dated for a while. The first date went great and I told her that I'm looking for a serious relationship and she seemed to be okay with it. Then was the second and the third date, and When I finally started thinking that she might be "the one" she said that right now she's not up to anything serious. I was like, "Okay, it's sad but it's your decision and maybe we can at least have some casual dating" but when I invited her to my place for a dinner, she got insulted and said that men just want to have sex and "she's not like this". Excuse me, what?

I guess it would be pretty fair if all dating partners will decide what are they looking for before the first date. And it's very important to show your intentions clearly without messing with anyone's feelings or plans.

Men also have feelings (surprise, surprise)

Another reason why dating sucks is that people don't tend to understand each other's feelings. It may sound surprising to you (I hope it's not) but guys also have feelings and we also want to fall in love, and kiss, and cuddle in bed, and have sex with the person we love, of course. So, please, don't be too hard on men for being too saucy or cheesy. Most of the guys just don't know how to show their true feelings without appearing "unmanly".

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These are only some of my reasons why dating sucks. Don't get me wrong though. Generally, love going on dates and meeting women and someday I hope to meet my significant other. The idea I wanted to share here is that without playing this dating game fairly, neither men nor women will never be satisfied with their dating experience. So let's help each other and 'Make dating great again!' instead of wondering again and again why dating sucks and what can we do about it.

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