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The Line Most Men Include in Their Profile

““No Drama Queen” - this is simply and undeniably the line almost all men include”
By Alex Glover April 15, 2021
The Line Most Men Include in Their Profile relationships-dating tips-dating-singles-meetville-matchmaking

The Line Most Men Include in Their Profile

““No Drama Queen” - this is simply and undeniably the line almost all men include”
By Alex Glover April 15, 2021

“No Drama Queen” - this is simply and undeniably the line almost all men include in their profile. Men, why do you use it? What are you trying to avoid? Ladies are you guilty of being a “Drama Queen”? What does it mean to you and how do you stop being one?

The following questions may help you find out if your behavior and attitudes are sabotaging your chances for real love and if they are, how to change it.

1. Is The Ghost of Your Last Relationship Still Floating Around? The old rule about “getting back on the horse” as soon as possible does not apply in the dating world. No matter how long the relationship lasted, a week or ten years it will take some time before you are really ready to get back into the dating game.

If you start to date too soon you will bring that baggage with you to the new guy or gal. You will talk about the old flame, become emotional about things that have nothing to do with the new person, and generally not be a very good date. In short, you’ll be a “Drama Queen.”

Give it some time. Take care of yourself and do things just for yourself. Find some old friends and go out to a new restaurant, get a massage, go to a movie, do anything. Just take care of yourself and you’ll be ready for a new love soon enough. And you’ll be able to leave the “Drama Queen” baggage at home.

2. How’s Your Dating Confidence? When you’ve let enough time pass and you think you’re ready to get back out there take a moment and assess your level of confidence – your confidence about yourself as a person and your confidence about being back out on the dating scene.

If your confidence is not where you think it should be two things may be happening. You may still not be ready (see #1 above) or you may just be in need of a little makeover.

The makeover should be both inner and outer. The inner makeover will involve thinking about your good qualities, the things about you that make you awesome! We all have them, you just need to find yours and focus on them.

The outer makeover can be anything from buying a new pair of shoes to getting a completely new hairstyle. Just go out and do whatever it is that will make you feel like the best You you can be. And the best You is definitely not a “Drama Queen”

3. Are You Really Ready To Get out There and Have Some Fun? So, now that enough time has passed and your confidence is up at the rooftop, it’s time to have some fun. Fun, happy people naturally draw people to them and one way this works in the dating world is to flirt.

This may sound like a silly idea that only applies to young bimbos, but it works, even online.  You can be a little silly, fun, and daring in an email or through chat, and it will make you stand out from the crowd.  The best part is that you will in no way be seen as a “Drama Queen”.

As we all know, online dating is one of those hidden treasures of our new technology life.  It can also be your worst nightmare if you don’t put your best effort forward from the get-go. Words only say so much and there is a certain level of confidence and personality that shows through beyond the words.

These are true insider secrets to a successful online dating experience.

Set the Stage This may sound really silly but what you are wearing when you are sitting alone and writing your profile does matter. Lipstick, fancy underwear, and a cowboy hat may be all you need to let the true you shine through.

A Picture DOES Mean a Thousand Words This is a tricky one.  You do need to show a photo of how you really look but make sure it is the absolute best picture there is. Photoshop and highly professional photos will only delay the inevitable.  You are you, and frankly, that’s the picture your potential new love needs to see.

Creatively Describe Yourself If you don’t want to use a photograph then it’s very important that you describe yourself in a realistic but flattering way. In all likelihood, you are not Charlize Theron’s twin, but you may very well have a “cute figure”, “cat eyes” and a “saucy personality”. Be who you really are and describe yourself that way…


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