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Are You Ready for a New Relationship? 6 Signs to Look For

“It probably has been a long time since you have dated someone and you feel”
By Alex Glover October 10, 2019
new relationship

Are You Ready for a New Relationship? 6 Signs to Look For

“It probably has been a long time since you have dated someone and you feel”
By Alex Glover October 10, 2019

It probably has been a long time since you have dated someone and you feel like you really want to bring this feeling back to your life. You may be thinking that you are certainly ready for a new relationship but unconsciously you're stopping yourself from finding someone new in your life. If you are willing to start a new relationship but nothing really changes, you should ask yourself: "Are you really ready for  a new relationship?" And if you are not sure, here are 6 signs to check it.

You are lonely

Loneliness is the most common reason that makes you seek for a new relationship. The thing is that you don't really need to start a relationship just to stop feeling lonely. Sometimes it's enough to meet with friends or relatives to feel better. Other times it's just a momentary feeling and it goes away just a few hours or days later. And if you are looking for a relationship just because you are feeling lonely, we must warn you that sometimes this feeling stays even when you are in a relationship with someone, so starting dating someone, in this case, might not help.

You need a man/woman to feel happy 

(you don't)

It's quite a common feeling that you need someone else in your life to achieve your goals. If you've ever felt like this then the only thing you need in your life is to start believing in yourself. You think that a new person will totally change your life but they won't until you realize that only you are responsible for your life and it's the only thing that can make you happy. More self-confidence is what will not only help you with your future relationship but will help you to realize if you really need a new relationship in your life.

You are focused on love, not lifestyle

You are looking for love so desperately that you actually forget about everything that leads to a new relationship. Unfortunately, you can't fall in love just because you want to. You need to have some common interest or values, or at least topics you can talk about. So, to find someone who will be perfect for you in any aspect and will share all your life goals and interests, better search for your future love in places that are common for both of you. It could be some hobby classes or other places of interests where you will surely meet like-minded people. Maybe the best way to meet someone who will be close to you in all aspects is online dating. This is the easiest way to meet someone special who will totally make your perfect match!

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You are afraid to break your heart

Probably your heart has been broken many times before and you just don't want to feel this pain again. You start a new relationship but after some time get scared again and run away from your possible future happiness. The best thing you can do here is to give yourself some time to recover from your previous experience. To jump into a new relationship just to forget your past one. Do it when you are really ready.

You have a baggage

Maybe you are still not over the previous relationship, or you have something in your past that subconsciously stops you from starting a new relationship. This 'baggage' is something that holds you back from feeling happy in a new relationship. There is no need to take this 'baggage' with you in your new relationship. If you feel that you are ready to turn this page of your life, leave your past problems in past and only then start a new relationship.

You are not ready to commit

Deep in your heart, you are just not up to anything serious. You are just not ready for a new commitment yet but your mind starts telling you that the only way you can have fun is while being in a relationship. It's not true. It's the 21 century and it's okay to have a one night stand or a few casual dates. You don't have to be afraid to seem lightweight and you definitely don't need to commit just to date someone you like.

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