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Moving In With Your Crush: Things You Should Know

“Moving in together is quite a big step for most of the couples. You should think”
By Alex Glover April 15, 2019
couple moving in

Moving In With Your Crush: Things You Should Know

“Moving in together is quite a big step for most of the couples. You should think”
By Alex Glover April 15, 2019

Moving in together is quite a big step for most of the couples. You should think twice before making this decision, 'cause it will change a lot in your relationship. However, it will also give you an idea of how your family life would look like in the future and whether you really want to spend the rest of your life with this person or not.

If you are considering making this step now or in the future, take a look at these 5 things you should know before moving in with someone.

You will discover new annoying habits

Now you may feel totally in love and can't even imagine that something could change that. Unfortunately, when you'll start living with your loved one, you will realize that your crush has habits that you weren't aware of before. And most of them will annoy you for sure. The way he/she washes dishes or sings in the shower may even become the key point of your breakup. It seems like these things are pretty stupid reasons to fight for but seeing someone doing your usual stuff the other way round may trigger you even more than you expect. That's why you should realize that your life will need some adjustments when you'll finally move in together and you'll have to put effort to make you both feel comfortable in this new position.

You'll have to talk about money

Before you could skip this topic and enjoy your independent life. However, now everything should change. When you are living together, common expenses are inevitable. So, you'll have to decide how are you suppose to pay for everything. And is it reasonable to share the same amount of money if you eat different foods and spend a different amount of time in the bathroom? The best advice you can get here is calculating your expenses in a special app that will help you understand how much money each of you spends on common things like food and accommodation.

Your sex life will change

Remember how you got aroused every time you got near each other? Well, living together will change it as well. Now you will spend lots of time together and it seems like you'd have a lot of time to spend in bed together. However, living together will teach you to control your desires and be spend this time together by doing some other things except for sex.

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You will miss your free space

No matter how much you love your partner, you will definitely start lacking your own free time and space when you'll move in together. It's extremely important to find a place in your flat where you'll be able to stay along with your thoughts or do something that you enjoy. Staying away from your partner just for a while, will only make your relationship stronger.

It may ruin your relationship

Moving in together is a pretty useful way to check how strong your relationship is and whether you'll be able to develop it in the future. Unfortunately, not all couples can handle this test and many lovers break up just after a few months of moving in together. Though it seems stressful and depressing, it actually benefits your relationship a lot, 'cause you get a chance to realize whether you going to be happy with this person or not. However, if you think that your relationship is not strong enough and you don't want to risk it, maybe it's better to postpone your idea of moving in together until you are not ready.

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