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How Traveling Can Benefit Your Relationship

“Among many things that can strengthen your relationship, traveling is the most unconventional one. However,”
By Alex Glover April 22, 2019

How Traveling Can Benefit Your Relationship

“Among many things that can strengthen your relationship, traveling is the most unconventional one. However,”
By Alex Glover April 22, 2019

Among many things that can strengthen your relationship, traveling is the most unconventional one. However, going on an adventure together can either make or break your relationship.

Traveling is the ultimate test for your relationship. During your journey, you’re more likely to start noticing some negative traits of your partner (especially if you haven’t lived together yet). You can also develop disagreements, as something can definitely go not as you expected.

There’s so much that can go wrong and potentially ruin your relationship. Nevertheless, it’s all about how you perceive it. If you see your journey as the way to explore your relationship and discover things together, this won’t be a test but rather a foundation of a stronger relationship.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, travel brings long-term benefits for couples:

  • 71% of couples say that time during the vacation helps them reunite
  • 73% claim that travel improves communication with their partners
  • divorce rates are lower among the couples that travel together compared to those who travel without their partners, 21% to 13% respectively

But what are these benefits exactly? Let’s take a look.

  • Approaching Arguments with Compromise

  • Being 100% in charge of your vacation, you and your partner will have disagreements planning your journey. Here’s the opportunity for both you and your partner to learn how to find a compromise.

    Traveling teaches you active listening, which is an important part of compromising. When we first traveled with my husband to Norway, we faced a disagreement. He’s the kind of person to enjoy nature and sleep under the starts, while I like the comfort of a hotel room and a nice dinner at a restaurant.

    The biggest lesson I learned from this argument is that this journey isn’t about me or him alone, but about both of us. We both needed new experiences and a distraction from our daily routine, so it was important for both of us to have a full experience, so we compromised to stay at a hotel and have a couple of sleepovers at a camping site.

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    It’s important to mention that I really enjoyed cooking dinner on a campfire, and my husband really enjoyed taking a warm bath in our hotel room after a cold night spent in a tent.

  • Creating a Team of Two

  • Since our first journey to Norway, my husband and I understood that if we want a good vacation, we need to work on it together. Since then, we never decide anything without consulting each other.

    Try to plan every stage of your journey along with your partner. “We often encourage people to talk to their partners when they plan a trip for two, especially when it comes to finding accommodation or choosing activities”, says Carla Parkins, a consultant at the international real estate company Flatfy.

    The good thing about planning your travel together is that it gradually gets implemented in your routine. You and your partner will become a team built on trust and support. This is one of the examples of the long-term benefits of traveling together. Embarking on a journey and planning your experiences will create a team of two, securing a strong relationship for life.

  • Exploring Similar Interests

  • traveling

    It is reported that nowadays people are looking for a partner that has a similar thirst for exploration.

    Besides sharing a love for journeys, traveling also allows you to notice similar interests you share with your partner. On top of that, traveling often allows you to engage in activities that you didn’t have a chance to experience earlier. Thus, you explore new options and get new interests.

    Before I traveled to Norway with my husband, I never thought I would enjoy kayaking, the activity that my partner loves. Now it’s become one of the activities we plan when we travel to the places where it’s possible. As I continued to explore my husband’s interests and he learned about mine, our relationship has only become stronger.

    Final Thoughts

    The biggest and most important long-term benefit comes from the memories that you get when traveling with your partner. The experiences you’ve shared together will stick with you, and even if you went through some difficulties while traveling together, you’ll be able to see them from the positive angle over time.

    Anything you both experience while traveling strengthens your relationship. This is something you should keep in mind when you have disagreements during your journey. Traveling together let s you grow together and independently. You and your partner become more mature, insightful, and considerate.

    The greatest thing that comes from traveling together is support, trust, and understanding. As you become a team, you learn how to appreciate each other more, building a strong foundation for your relationship.

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