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10 Ideas For a Great Summer Date

“The summer has come and it means that there are going to be more and”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021
summer date

10 Ideas For a Great Summer Date

“The summer has come and it means that there are going to be more and”
By Grace Cox April 28, 2021

The summer has come and it means that there are going to be more and more amazing summer date ideas for you and your partner. The best thing about summer dates is that most of them are quite easy and cheap. Walking in a park or going cycling is something that your loved one will totally admire. Though if you still want to make this time together more special, check these creative summer date ideas for every budget.

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Have a picnic in the park

couple date picnic in the park

Having a picnic in the park is a great way to combine a dinner and a great time outdoors.


Go fishing together

couple fishing together summer date

If you or your partner loves fishing, it's a great way to share common interests. Or, on the other hand, it could be cool to try something new together. In any case, this fun and at the same time calm activity will bond you even more.


Attend an outdoor movie night

couple outdoor cinema summer date

Instead of going to an ordinary cinema, better ask your partner out to a romantic outdoor movie date. Firstly, you can enjoy this warm summer weather and romantic atmosphere. Secondly, you can combine this outdoor date with some other great ideas like picnic or stargazing.


Go stargazing

couple stargazing summer date

There is nothing more romantic than going stargazing with someone you are in love with. Just don't forget the little things like a warm blanket and hot tea.


Take a trip to the beach

couple trip to the beach summer date

Summer days are perfect for sunbathing it on the beach. If you don't live by the sea you can make your trip even more adventurous by going to another city. Or you can also spend a day by the lake or river.


Hit up a music festival

couple music festival summer date ideas

Summer is the time for biggest music festivals. So why don't you enjoy it together?


Go to a theme park

couple in a theme park summer date

It might seem like a quite common summer date idea, though it's still one of the best. No matter what your common interests are, there you'll find something interesting for both of you. And a theme park is definitely the place where you'd have a lot of fun. And what else do you need for a summer date? ;)


Attend a BBQ

couple attending BBQ summer date

When it gets warmer everyone wants to go out and... make a BBQ! Attend your friend's BBQ together or make your own. Anyway, it would be a perfect chance to spend some good time with people you like.


Go camping

couple camping summer date ideas

If you like adventures and nature at the same time then going camping together would be a great idea for you. It also might be a small challenge for your couple to see how your relationship would change in wild nature. Though, it's still very romantic and original date idea in the summertime.


Pick berries to make a homemade pie

couple picking berries

If you like cooking and making you can do it together. Though, if it seems like quite a boring date idea, here is something to make it more fun. Go berry picking together with your loved one! It's not only a fun activity itself but also this is something that can bond you together if you still don't know each other well or just a great way to spend some good time with your partner.

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