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How It Feels When You Are Truly in Love

“Do you ever wonder if you have truly found love? Do you look at the”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

How It Feels When You Are Truly in Love

“Do you ever wonder if you have truly found love? Do you look at the”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

Do you ever wonder if you have truly found love? Do you look at the person that you are with and wonder if this is “it”? Are you happy together and curious if this means that you are truly in love? If you even wonder for a second if it’s love then there’s a good chance that it may very well be. Though it may seem obvious, sometimes you have to evaluate what you have and how you feel to get the answers to your questions.

If you feel happy, if you are genuinely content with this person, or if you feel things that you have never felt before then you may have your clues. Try not to overanalyze it and just know that the following feelings can really help to tell you if you are in love or if this is the person for you. It is a wonderful and beautiful feeling, so ready yourself for it and tune into these tell-tale signs to show that yes this is love once and for all!

You have found somebody that you genuinely want to spend time with

You don’t feel forced to spend time with this person. You don’t feel like you have to give up your life to be with them. You are happy together, you enjoy each other’s company, and you are generally better when you are around them. You have fun together and therefore, it’s no hardship to be with one another.

You want plans with them, and you feel sometimes like you can’t get enough time with them. You may not be familiar with this feeling, but it’s amazing when you actually center your activities around this one person by choice.

There is nobody else in the world like this person

Though you have been in other relationships, this is different than the rest. This person means more to you and has a profound impact upon you. There is truly nobody else like them that you have found yet. You can’t explain it to people for it’s just a feeling of wholeness that you experience. You know that you are meant for each other and you share a chemistry that nothing else rivals. This is the two of you clicking and it’s wonderful when it all comes together, for it shows you that the love is alive and well.

You have found your true match and you can feel it

You know that you are better when you are together. You know that you have something really special that you can’t even put into words. You smile just at the thought of them or the mention of their name. Your life is so much more complete with them in it. You know that you have found a match and there is no denying it! This is love and it has evolved into something meaningful and special, and there is so much more to experience together moving forward and you can’t wait!

You are profoundly happy and you don’t let anything negatively affect that

Sure real life happens but you can filter out the negatives. When you are new in love then the only thing that matters is that you are happy with this person. This happiness helps you to rise above the negative life events and overcome them. You have more power with this person and you are able to shrug off the things that don’t really matter.

You are happy in a way that you never have experienced before and you want to ride this high for as long as you can. It’s hard to explain but even a bad day doesn’t get to you as much because you are overall so much happier of a person because of this person—you are truly in love and that leads to a much better quality of life in everything!


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