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Best 10 Dating Apps to Use in 2021

“The pandemic has dramatically affected the usual procedure of online dating. People say that due”
By Alex Glover December 29, 2020
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Best 10 Dating Apps to Use in 2021

“The pandemic has dramatically affected the usual procedure of online dating. People say that due”
By Alex Glover December 29, 2020

The pandemic has dramatically affected the usual procedure of online dating. People say that due to quarantine, they began to receive more messages, and the quality of communication has increased simultaneously.

While self-isolating, many singles started using dating services not to find love but support in such difficult times. That is why some of the dating apps made it possible to search for soul mates not only in your local area or city but all over the world. Others came up with recommendations and ideas for online dating since dating anyone you want while self-isolating is kinda problematic.

You can take dating apps seriously or not, but you shouldn't ignore them. First, it's a great way to have fun. And secondly, there is a real chance to meet your love online.

We've put together a list of the most trending dating apps to use in 2021 so you can fully appreciate the value of online communication when times are tough.

  • Hinge

A dating service that has recently announced an excellent Date from Home function. According to the service, the new functionality should make it easier for users to shift from chatting to a video call. When staying in a particular chat, you can indicate whether you are ready for a video or voice call with the other person. And when both participants confirm their readiness, the application will inform them both about it. 

There is a fascinating fact about Hinge: the service that is meant for finding long-term relationships launched an ad campaign in which they admitted that they are not afraid of being removed from your device. Thus, they hint that users find their love here quickly, and the service is not needed anymore. Quite risky, but it seems to work! 

Hinge is available on AppStore and Google Play. 

Hinge dating app

  • Hily

A very fast-growing online dating app. There are millions of users worldwide, and you can find new friends or romantic relationships there. All the user profiles are thoroughly checked, so security is the number 1 priority. Hily offers the ability to customize search filters to find people with similar views and interests and sends instant notifications about new likes and messages. There is also a premium package with additional benefits available. 

Hily is available only for Android. 

Hily - top dating app to use in 2021

  • Houseparty

This video chat app launched in 2016 skyrocketed in the App Store rankings from 304th to 1st position during the social distancing period. The developers describe Houseparty as a social network for face-to-face conversations: it is a video chat service, like Zoom and FaceTime, and can be used to throw an online party (maximum number of participants - 8). When you are sad and feel lonely, Houseparty really becomes a solution. And it's also great that you can not only break into someone else's party at any moment but also leave without notice suddenly.

Houseparty is available on AppStore and Google Play.  

Houseparty dating app

Did you know that Meetville has more than 30 million users registered from all over the world? All of them have detailed profiles and big pictures that make it easy to find a partner. This dating service uses a smart-matchmaking algorithm with AI that matches people based on their values and compatibility. Meetville has advanced anti-spam filters that immediately detect bots and fake profiles. Thus you may be sure that you chat with a real person there. 

As was mentioned above, Meetville has a vast number of users in their database, so you have a high chance to meet someone decent when using it. The service is famous for an increased number of responsive matches. So don't hesitate, register right now for free! 

Meetville has two versions currently: Web and Android

Meetville- The Best App To Use In 2021


  • Yubo

The creators of this service say that usually, it can be hard to get enough attention from other users on a dating app. This is due to too many members with similar profiles, which makes it difficult to stand out. Fortunately, Yubo offers paid prioritization in their search results, which will allow your profile to be more visible. Additionally, you have the option to create a profile video to help you stand out among other users.

Yubo also provides the ability to block selected members from contacting you. This can be especially useful if you receive too many messages from users you are not interested in. 

This service is famous for its streaming function that has become genuinely trending during the pandemics. 

Yubo is available on AppStore and Google Play. 

Yubo dating app to use in 2020

  • Amino

This service is meant for exploring your interests and finding new friends based on them. The app has Amino Stories function that lets you share your interests with other users. In the Communities section, you can connect to people with the same interests.  

While using Amino, you can watch stories and videos, and even blogs! There are also many anonymous chats where you can discuss whatever topics you want and send unique stickers to show your reactions. What is more, you can boost your creativity with Amino by creating your own quizzes, polls, stories, and blogs. 

Amino is available on AppStore and Google Play. 


  • Bumble

At first glance, Bumble works the same way as other dating apps: users swipe the photos of people they like, and if there is a match, they start chatting. Bumble and its competitors' main difference is that here women make the first step: if there is a match between heterosexual users, only women can send the message first. If the woman decides not to do this, the match will simply disappear after 24 hours. 

Although dating is usually associated with love, Bumble gets involved in other areas of human life. For example, the service has features that help you form friendships (Bumble BFF) or build a career (Bumble Bizz).

Bumble is available on AppStore and Google Play. 


  • OkCupid

Unlike the famous Tinder, OkCupid is not affiliated with Facebook, which means that no one can find out where you work and who you are friends with. OkCupid suggests looking for a partner with the help of a rather complicated questionnaire, which includes questions that will allow determining your life position. Or, you can search by location. The service has an excellent Quickmatch feature that brings up a massive gallery of photos with age and location below. You scroll to the left - nothing happens, to the right - a person gets a well-deserved "like". 

OkCupid is available on AppStore and Google Play.

OkCupid dating

  • Tinder

Perhaps the most famous dating service on the web. It allows you to search without any extra actions and settings and flip through hundreds and thousands of user photos with swipes, marking only those you like. You can hide your age, add images from Instagram to your profile, and tell about yourself in detail. Tinder's paid version has a number of unique features and unlimited likes that you can tap for everyone in a row. There is also a traditional way of drawing attention to your profile. It can be promoted to the top, but it is a paid option.

Tinder is available for iOS and Android.

Tinder Dating App

  • Plenty of Fish

This service is one of the oldest dating platforms, but it's still getting updates. Amid the coronavirus epidemic, PoF has created a live streaming option for particular areas, allowing potential "matches" to see each other in real-time mode. Accordingly, the service rapidly adapts to the new realities of social distancing and isolation and offers its users new ways to connect. This feature is actually free, so you can enjoy it to build relations online while you can not date face-to-face.  

PoF is available for iOS and Android.

Plenty Of Fish

  • Match

It's hard to say for sure what Match is more - a classic dating application or a social network. Fans agree that it is the latter, and there are some definite reasons for that. Match has a convenient keyword search function that allows you to comment on posts, tag your favorites, take photos right inside from the app, and even read the news feed. Setting "favorite contacts" adds the ability to always keep in sight the people you communicate most often with, and notifications of viewed messages are a pleasant bonus in this case. That being said, keep in mind that Match is still a dating app, albeit being incredibly similar to Facebook.

Match - top app to use

We hope you will consider this list above and choose Meetville2021 will be a fantastic year to date! Even if it will mean dating online. 

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