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Asian Dating: How Asians Are Stereotyped

“Valentine's Day is coming, and it's not a surprise that many singles are already searching”
By Alex Glover March 3, 2021

Asian Dating: How Asians Are Stereotyped

“Valentine's Day is coming, and it's not a surprise that many singles are already searching”
By Alex Glover March 3, 2021

Valentine's Day is coming, and it's not a surprise that many singles are already searching for a match online to avoid being alone on this day. Actually, online dating is now the most commonly used way to meet people. There is an excellent choice of personalities and looks, so everyone can find a partner for themselves.

As for Asian online dating, it has faced some changes recently. Asian girls now tend to start relationships with foreigners, thus ignoring local men. Why? Let's get deeper into this issue.

Stereotypes and real life

Many Asians have witnessed some stereotypes about Asian girls dating European or American men:

⦁ Looking for a luxurious life, Asian women believe that they will find it by marrying a foreigner who earns good money.

⦁ Desire to leave Asia.

⦁ With Asian men, they have to fulfill all their desires.

Are these true? Perhaps, they are, but only partially. Here are some of the real reasons why Asian women often prefer foreigners.


All women like it when their men are content with life. They do not want to be with a man who wants only to move up the career ladder and spend whole days on business projects. These qualities are characteristic of Asian men, they are purposefully looking for a stable job, making it possible to purchase a chic home and fashionable things. Many Asian women note that foreigners look at life freely. This is probably a result of a different upbringing, softer parents, or merely the fact that they were born in another country.

Perception of past relationships

Serious relationships between foreigners and Asian women are not new, and this applies not only to young people. Most mature women converge with foreigners quickly, hoping to find love again. An Asian guy is not likely to be ready to date such females. At the same time, foreigners do not care about the age, kids, and the past of a woman.

Ability to solve problems

Some Asian women say that their local men are somewhat passive. When any disagreements arise, their primary method of resolving conflicts is to remain calm, thinking that things will settle by themselves. According to Asian women, foreigners are ready to find out the essence of the problem and find ways to solve it. Even after spending a lot of time on this, they try to resolve the situation without avoiding it and not letting things go by themselves. 

Tips for success in relationships with Asians

Based on the surveys carried out, we offer some tips that may help build relationships successfully:

1. Be yourself and voice your goals clearly.

In fact, you will never hear a single statement from an Asian woman about her need in a man from another country with a huge salary or who could help her obtain a Green Card. Perhaps such women exist, but not the ones who look for long-lasting relationships. 

2. Asian women love new experiences.

Especially when it comes to cross-cultural issues, so it is better to make her surprised and excited all the time.

3. You need to compromise.

Any relationship should be balanced, especially in matters of compromise. It does not mean avoiding conflict, it only proves you respect your partner's feelings, listen to their opinion, and are ready to look for a solution that suits both.


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