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Arab Dating: 5 Easy Rules You Should Remember While Dating an Arab Person

“Dating someone from a different culture is tough. It gets even harder if the person”
By Alex Glover May 2, 2022
arab dating

Arab Dating: 5 Easy Rules You Should Remember While Dating an Arab Person

“Dating someone from a different culture is tough. It gets even harder if the person”
By Alex Glover May 2, 2022

Dating someone from a different culture is tough. It gets even harder if the person you like is from an Arabic country.

Middle Eastern dating is hard to explain and experience. Especially if you are from non-Arabic country. Though, it's not that bad. Knowing these 5 rules will make your dating experience much brighter and easier for you and your partner.


Family is a pretty important social institution for Arab people. When starting a new serious relationship, asking parents' permission it's mandatory.  Single women near me and men are viewed with much respect, and when that respect is broken, it hurts not only the person but the whole family is looked down upon.  And being in a relationship without knowing your partner's closest relatives, seems almost impossible in the Arabic culture. So if you are planning to date an Arab person, you should be prepared that you will be always surrounded by others.


You should accept your partner's religion. Of course, there are some cases when a Christian guy marries a Muslim woman or vice versa. But it's quite a rare case. Usually, you would have to convert to Islam to become a part of your partner's family. In a culture like this, religion doesn't just mean going to church once in a week. Religion influences all parts of their life (including love life). Also, you should be aware that Islam is quite a strict religion and you should be ready to follow the rules in Koran before starting dating a Muslim. That is the way it is supposed to be—everyone working towards honor and respect for themselves and their family. Those who do not follow the norm of how singles are supposed to act lose their status quickly, and they and their family are looked down upon. But all in all, God is the true judge at the last day.


Premarital sex is forbidden in Muslim culture. A woman, who lost her virginity before getting married is considered to be tainted. Some believe strongly in the religion and others are following this rule of ‘no intimacy before marriage’ for different reasons. That's why so many Arab men prefer to find a girl from another country to have a more open relationship. If a woman has sex with a man, without marrying him, she may end up being forced to marry him, which she is not yet sure she wants to do. Arab men and women avoid situations where they would or could be alone. Even when a man and women are in a car alone together, they are pulled over and checked to see if they are married—or else they would be arrested. Arabs gain a negative impression of you if you display too much affection towards the opposite sex. It is actually forbidden, by the Arab social code, to publicly display intimacy, even when married.


Arabic countries are very traditional. For Europen people, these traditions might seem a little bit strange, but if you are planning to live in a Muslim culture, you should get used to them. The culture protects women with a high standard for modesty, and most women feel protected, secure and respected more because of this. Arabs believe in arranged marriages, but the son or daughter can suggest a certain someone, so the decision is not solely on the parents’ heads.


You might have noticed that many Arab women prefer to wear their traditional clothes like hijab. However, If your partner doesn't insist on such traditional clothes, it's not necessary to wear them all the time. Nevertheless, you'll have to forget about shorts or short skirts for girls. Modesty in clothing is one of the important keys in Arabic culture.

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