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All You Need to Know About Social Networks

“If you have just registered on one of dating websites or social networks and don’t”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021
All You Need to Know About Social Networks

All You Need to Know About Social Networks

“If you have just registered on one of dating websites or social networks and don’t”
By Alex Glover June 11, 2021

If you have just registered on one of dating websites or social networks and don’t know what to start with our tips will help you to find new friends easily.

First of all ask yourself about the purpose of visiting this or that website. If you know your goal you are likely to achieve it. After creating your profile and choosing the appropriate picture it’s high time to start looking for friends or some new interesting people.

If you want to communicate with friends as well as find a dating partner, be careful with you friend requests. While sending the requests to other users always add a friendly message with the reference to your connection:

    • In case you have already met this person offline just mention the time and the place where you saw each other.

    • If you have a mutual friend, just note that you both know this person. This really helps as we are more likely to start communication with people who know our friends than with “complete strangers”.

    • If you are co-workers or group mates or just have the same hobbies and interests, don’t be shy and write about it in your first message. Some people are afraid of making the first step and will be glad when someone decides to break the ice of first communication.

    • Don’t be surprised or too disappointed if you don’t get any feedback. Some people are just not interested in meeting new people online.

So, your friend request has been accepted. Congratulations! Now you are in a friend zone and have the possibility to look through the photos and observe updates of your friends’ profiles. But don’t become too active, sometimes really active users just get on our nerves or even frighten us. Thus, here some more tips for you:

    • Don’t become a constant commentator of every new photo or a status you see on the page of your new friend. And you definitely shouldn’t be the first person to comment. Writing too many comments may make your friend feel uncomfortable about you. You don’t want to seem too needy or even creepy, do you?

    • Make sure your comments are short and relevant. Writing a long story is a bad idea. Just express your opinion in two-three clear sentences.

    • Don’t discuss personal issues in your comments; keep them for a chat room or private messages.

    • Be tactful and know when to stand back. If the user doesn’t respond to your comments and never leave his/her comments under your photos, if you don’t have any responses to your “hello” in a message – all these things are clear indicators that the person is just not interested in communication with you. That’s O’K; just turn your attention to someone else.

    • Regularly post photos of the places you visit. Try to create photo albums which reflect your lifestyle, hobbies and interests. If the person you are interested in comments on your pictures, you get a wonderful opportunity to break the ice of the first communication and find the topic for discussion.

Unfortunately, along with numerous advantages of social networks, there are some unpleasant things you should be aware of. What pitfalls are waiting for us in social networks? Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Too Much Info
Be prepared that your private life will become public at some extent. Don’t be surprised if you notice that your honey is tagged in the photo with another man/woman. Of course, this may cause some worries, like: “Who is this girl/guy beside you in the picture? Oh, maybe my partner is not so interested in me as I thought?” Thus, social networks not only give us the opportunity to communicate with people all over the world, but also may become the bone of contention between you and your would-be life partner as each step you take becomes public.

Gossip Generator
When you have already plunged into a relationship with someone it won’t be too pleasant when all your numerous Facebook friends overload you with tons of comments and questions: “Who is that girl posting something on your wall daily? Are you going out with her?” or “Congrats, dude! The girl tagged in your recent photos is damn hot! Are you in a relationship?” Yes, Facebook may give away your present or potential partner even if this is not the right moment to do this.

Relationship Status Slips
Sometimes it‘s better to keep your relationship status hidden in order to avoid any awkward situations. No one will argue that it seems ridiculous when you change your relationship status a couple of times a week.Even if you quarrel with your one and only don’t hurry to inform the entire world about your problems.

Facebook Status Updates Fails
Be very careful with your Facebook status updates, especially when it comes to involving certain people. Think twice before writing anything and make it public. What if your status update can bring trouble to the person you mentioned in it?

Groundless Suspicions
Unfortunately sometimes, instead of helping us to communicate with people and save our precious time, Facebook compels us to aimlessly browse through its numerous profiles and pages.

As soon as we start communication with our potential partner, we immediately rush to find out about him/her as much info as possible. If we don’t find any relevant information (friends list is hidden, information about the place of work /study is unavailable, no tagged photos), we begin to suspect that something is wrong with him/her or that he/she is hiding something. Of course, this won’t benefit any relationships.

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